boots: modcloth; leggings/cardigans: panache; dress: target
i wore this today, blahblahblah LENT STARTS TOMORROW!
is anyone giving anything up for lent?

i feel like lent is a lot like p90x...tons of people start it, but no one finishes it. i thought about going all TAMN on you guys and giving up diet coke, but let's be honest here...not happening. i'm thinking about following melissa's example and giving up complaining instead. or maybe i'll give up super awkward/embarrassing moments...i wish.

p.s. my little brosef took my pictures today. him and his adorable little girlfriend came to the store today and i was really excited. and now i'm going to say HELLO MEGAN, AMY, AND CHELSEA! you guys are def my faves. also my fave: when megan gets de-pantsed in the middle of panache. that's what you get for dating my baby brother, megs!


  1. I used to be catholic before i got baptized 4 years ago. and i gave up something every year (usually candy/soda) till i was probably a soph. in high school.
    it was rough...
    and being catholic.. during lent you cant eat meat on fridays. (notice all fast food restaurants advertising fish??)..not sure why exactly..

    Just though I would share some random knowledge.
    : )

  2. Even though I was raised half Catholic (my mom was, dad not) we never really gave anything up for lent. Last year I met someone who instead of giving up something she did something more...I think it was reading the bible more everyday.

  3. Haha, none of my friends ever finished Lent. I didn't even try, although I know of some Mormons who do. Diggin' the psychedelic dress.

    North Meets South

  4. I'm going Vegan for lent! Should be fun!


    Kat Skull

  5. Those shoes are killing me. So great! I'm not sure what/if I'm giving up anything yet. I did go to church already this morning though so it could be a successful lent.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  6. I'm giving up sugar for lent, which I also did last year. I've done it all the way through 2x successfully... one year I gave up chocolate, one year I gave up sugar. One year, I tried to give up guilt and failed. ;) But I figure 2 out of 3 is pretty good, right?

  7. Once for lent, I gave up sobriety. Best lent ever!

    I feel like I already gave something up for lent, I gave up my stirrups for 2 whole months. So that should be enough!

  8. I'm sort of Episcopalian...we aren't required to give anything up, rather encouraged, but I have been for years anyway. One year it was french fries, chocolate, soda, high fructose corn syrup...this year I will be trying to "waste food less". No more expired eggs, sour milk, watery lettuce or mushy apples!


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