oxfords: ebay; tights: target; top: panache; skirt: handmade!
for some reason, david loves these mid-sentence pictures of me.
what's that? 
my hair looks like the mane of a lion?
why yes, i was aware.
it's actually fitting because my best friend in high school called me lion...brandilyn, brandi-lion...get it? it's clever.
you see, david and i forgot to spring ahead. which means i got out of the shower and had a leisurely breakfast (banana pancakes + nutella made by my smoking hot roommate, if you want to know just how blissful it was), thinking i had another hour to curl my hair, apply makeup, etc...before screeching, "david! we didn't spring ahead!", sprinting around the apartment getting ready for church in 15 minutes, and running out the door. woops. our bad.

anyways, we've had a pretty relaxing weekend.
last night we grilled (david = steak, me = portobello mushrooms) and played scrabble on facebook. we even made a late night run so i could get some mojo mix up (coldstone's version of mocha almond fudge ice cream--sooo good). we're basically party animals. i feel ready to tackle another week of schoolwork, though!

also, i'm ready for brad to choose emily tomorrow night. i don't care what the spoilers or tabloids say, chantal wears ugly prom dresses and cries all the time. emily is classy and i love her. and that's all the bachelor talk i'll do on here.


  1. You are adorable! That top and skirt are very Emma Pillsbury from Glee!

  2. I think the women of the US would engage in a nationwide riot if Brad chose Chantal. So of course he's going to choose Emily. Even if he felt otherwise, the producers wouldn't want to deal with a riot.

    Plus Emily is basically a combination of Barbie and some angelic being. I mean, what's not to love?

  3. your outfit is fabulous :)

  4. I totally agree with you on the whole bachelor subject. I am going to freak out if he chooses chantal. Emily is so perfect and sweet!!

  5. OMG, forgetting to spring ahead is a recurring nightmare. All i have to say is thank goodness for cell phones. That automatic time-change function has saved my hiney many times.

    and you rock that lion's mane!

    North Meets South

  6. you look so lovely! just my kind of outfit. but only to church cuz B would have me all stained up on a normal weekday. fun fun;)


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