flats/belt: target; tights: express; dress: panache; top: mila; pin: westergard via etsy
i wasn't crazy about all the black on the bottom of this outfit, but nothing else looked right either. huh.

remember the motorcycle i told you about a while ago?
david finally convinced me to ride on it with him.
you guys...i kind of loved it. it was a lot of fun.
i had to eat my words...which i guess is okay, because i like words. better than eating...math problems...
well, anyways, last night we drove out to an old parking lot and david let me have a go on the thing! it's quite a difference from the little honda rebel we used to have.
david took a little video of me riding around the parking lot, because he gets very proud whenever i get up the guts to do something like drive a big 'ol motorcycle. and i added my current favorite song for your viewing pleasure:

(the song is animal by the neon trees)
& here's a little motorcycle chick (haha) fashion for ya:
sneakers: vans; jeans: target; gloves: j.crew; sweatshirt/beanie: ? (had forever); jacket: 686


  1. I have never been on a motorcycle. I am afraid that once I tried it I would be addicted.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  2. I've been on a motorcycle once, and it was tons of fun, but I don't think I could ever drive one. You got guts.

    North Meets South

  3. ahhh that is awesome! i love love love love driving, so i've always wanted to ride a motorcycle. you're brave though, they are intimidating- i dated a guy once who had a bike but whenever we rode it was terrifying. like, i cried terrifying. like him standing on the seat and doing crasy things terrifying. anyways, this looks like fun though...and you looked cute doing it to boot!

  4. you have a motorcycle?!?!?? :(:(:( jeal.

  5. landon has a motorcycle too and we THOUGHT it was a nice and a somewhat 'warmer' day than usual to go out and take a ride, well of course rexburg is always freezing, so we quickly had to come home and bundle up! so fun but so cold!

  6. haha you look so cute in your motorcycle gear!

    And I loveeee Neon Trees, so fun and catchy.

  7. GO Brandilyn!! I knew you'd like it eventually, i love it! except I am jealous you get to drive! I can't touch the ground on ours, so no driving for me, just on the little honda 50- more my size haha! enjoy you look awesome on it!

  8. first, love your outfit and i neeed that red belt to match mine today!

    second, motorcycles are lots of fun... in moderation ;)

  9. Ha ha ha! I thought Sam was pulling my leg when he told me that you loved it. Guess he wasn't. ;)


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