our new addition

 sperry topsiders; jeans/cardi: panache; thermal: american eagle
guess what?
we have another motorcycle. my husband is a crazy man.
he loves to buy and sell things. mostly motorcycle things. so he bought a dirt bike a couple weeks ago, did some work on it, and traded it today. for...
he calls it suzy ('cause suzuki). 
i call it the best that's probably going to be the death of the person i love most in the world.
ok, in david's defense, he's planning on doing another deal and getting rid of it soon. but in the mean time, it gets my glare every time i walk out the back of our building. i contemplate kicking it over every chance i get. i very much prefer smaller cruiser-type road bikes. slower, vintage ones. not fast, racy things like this.

other things incurring the wrath of brandilyn:
my computer charger.
this is the FOURTH one i've had in the year since i got this computer.
they always play nice at first, but soon...they turn on me. and they only work when i rig them in some bizarre contraption, like the one you see above with a mannequin clothespin on the side of my computer.

things not incurring my wrath:
david and his cute messy hair. 
my turkey pesto sandwich/diet coke combo. 
friendly customers. 
and melting snow.


  1. Cute outfit! Like that yellow on you!
    My dad was hit by a car on his motorcycle, thank god for helmets. I would surely kick that speed machine over if I had the chance! I hope he sells it.
    And charger cables are such a pain! I've gone through that before, I know your frustration.

    Sorry for the book I just wrote :P


  2. Keep thinking of all those non-wrath incurring things and you'll have a brilliant weekend!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. ...and now i want boat shoes! oh the perils of following fashion blogs.


  4. Oh, computer troubles are absolutely no bueno. Good luck! I love the mustard cardi, too.

  5. Yeah I'm a big fan of cruisers, and NOT of the crotch-rocket dirt-bike type of motorcycles. I've been riding with friends for YEARS and the only time I was ever nervous was on a bike like that doozy of a suzy up there.

  6. oh, I have to say give it a chance:) I love them, Josh and I have had a blast every year we've been together on ours! Crusiers are great for long rides and relaxing, but sport bikes are just a thrill of their own, I love it and I think you would too! But fyi full face helmets are a must!

  7. Sorry about the computer problems! Those are the worst.

    However, that yellow cardi is adorable! That color looks great on you and it definitely makes me wish for Spring to come sooner!

  8. Wow, our husbands are identical. My husband does the same thing, buys things and sells them. He just brought home a beat up bullet bike, these two need to invest in a garage or somethin'....boys.

  9. oh boy. motorcycles scare me. i've heard one too many bad stories. though i think they're fun when going 20 mph or less. haha. i love you long yellow cardi! you look adorable.


  10. I am having charger problems too! Only no matter how I rig mine, it doesn't work! I have to charge my laptop with my roommate's charger, and she's gone on the weekends. I'll be making a trip to Best Buy soon... No fun!

  11. i have this same problem... what i do is wrap tape around it! those little suckers can get you!


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