ox woman

boots/socks/jeans/cardi: target; top/belt: panache; necklace: truly sarah
today was my long day of classes.
it's good, because i feel accomplished at the end of the day...but bad because i'm so wiped out, especially with david being out of town. i guess his gorgeous lips do something to calm my frazzled self.
my backpack weighed 10,000 lbs. today. no lie. i even broke down what i carried around today for you to fully understand how very much my back killed me:
see? 10,000 lbs.
i am a hybrid of a warrior woman and an ox for lugging this load all around campus with me today.
maybe i should get a rolling backpack?
i remember feeling so cool when i got one in the 5th grade. maybe it would work for me again now.

and now i have an insane amount of homework to do. see you!


  1. you DID NOT have a rolling backpack in the 5th grade. NERRRRRD. love these gap pants YOU GOTSTA GO BACK AND GET THEM! i mean, for $7, they're practically free.

  2. So cute! Love the braid in your hair and the detail on your shirt :-)


  3. One kid had wheels on his rolly backpack that would light up. Think about it? Rolling around Rexburg (berg?) with bright blue lights blinking in the snow? Awesome!

    North Meets South

  4. Rolling backpacks are so professional when you all grown up, no? Just keep telling yourself that!

    I think if it was more boxy and not backpacky you could rock it. You would just look like you were off to jet set somewhere. Perfectly normal.

  5. Brandilyn, I'm sorry. But no one with a rolling backpack was ever cool. Even in the fifth grade. ;)

  6. It's so funny reading these comments. I remember getting you that backpack and thinking I was the coolest mom in the world because I was making my princess's life so much easier. Little did I know I was stamping your forehead with the word "NERD"

  7. You may be carryin around 50 pounds but your top is adorable!

  8. Ahaha, rolling backpacks. Thanks for the flashback! I felt like such a business woman when I had:-) Go kick some homework-booty! xoxo


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