ruffles and stuff

 boots: target; magic jeans: panache; tank: kohl's; sweater: sarah swapped

see the bank in the background of these pictures?
i headed there to get change for the store and, on my way back, saw david with a camera just snapping away. just some regular old street fashion-style pictures for ya today. anyways, i'm pretty proud of this tank top. it was looooow cut when i got it and the other night, i sewed the straps so it covers a little more! i felt so crafty...even though it was the simplest alteration ever.

i've been a bit out of it today.
out of sheer stupidity, david and i stayed up until almost 2 am playing scrabble. i'm tired. and we had lots of stuff come into the store, so i spent my afternoon putting that out. and, of course, there's the never ending pile of schoolwork. luckily, stacy came and visited me and i had a vanilla coke and the weather's great and i'm feeling rather chipper.


  1. You look gorgeous!! And so fun you two stayed up playing with eachother (even though it's not so fun being tired) Hubs and I are old and lame.. 9:30 is bedtime in our home. I know... Lame.

  2. Dang! The world is your runway right? Girl, you could be a part time model! Hopefully you get the flight of the concord reference. Love the outfit!

  3. That David is a keeper for taking photos like that. Just in case you weren't sure before this.

    North Meets South

  4. Love this look- the color of the blouse is amazingly flattering on you! And we're huge Scrabble nerds too- have you tried Bananagrams?

  5. love the action shots! gray and peach is a great color combo. and good for you wearing boots. I've sworn them off but I should really let them back into my wardrobe, at least for a few more weeks.


  6. RAWR with your hair blowing in the wind and everything!

  7. Wow - good for you on the sewing thing! You look fabulous.

  8. Why must you make me miss Rexburg? Whyyyyy?!??!


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