boots/tights: target; skirt: homemade!; belt/necklace: panache; top: ?; bag: lucky
today was a more joyous reunion with my closet.
picture us running towards one another, arms wide open. really tender.

carrie and i were once talking about fashion blogging and a certain blog came up. carrie said, "ok, she NEVER irons her clothes! it drives me crazy. so distracting!"
and so today, in honor of carrie, i ironed my skirt. after i put it on. and really, that takes talent. i don't want to drive any of you crazy with a wrinkly skirt! you're welcome.
also i feel very scholarly in my outfit today, which is good because i have a ton of schoolwork to get done before my hot date tonight. might be the turtleneck.

ok, i'm off to walk to school. i started wearing these shades when i walk:
 they make me feel elderly, but the glare off the snow is brutal.


  1. Cute, I love that you made that skirt, I was like hmm wonder where I can buy that, then I saw that you made it. fabulous


  2. Ya.... I don't iron my clothes. I don't think it was me, because I'm not really a fashion blog. but I don't iron my clothes. I don't think I know how. Kudos for doing it post donning-- that's just talent.

  3. Is there a pattern that you used for the skirt? I love it!

  4. I got a comment on my blog recently about not ironing... I just don't think to do it! Meh.

  5. purrrrrple!

    LOL at those glasses! they're either Blanche Devereaux from golden girls.......or Fresh Prince.....TAKE YOUR PIC!

  6. That skirt is awesome!!! Go you!

  7. That skirt is awesome!!! Go you!

  8. to anyone wondering about the skirt-

    i used this tutorial:

    and it was SO easy! i had to play with sizing because i didn't want it super poofy, but i love that it has pockets and that i could get the length i wanted. let me know if you try it!


  9. You should take a bus to bear world if your feeling a little elderly ha ha.

    P.S. thanks for being great.

    P.S.S. I think very highly of you.

  10. I love this outfit!
    Your style is amazing!!

  11. I like this outfit! And I like that ironed it. ;)
    I come from a mother who ironed her t-shirt before running a 5k. Said mother also ruined a bathing suit in an attempt to iron that. The point is, I could be a lot more bugged by wrinkles than I am considering where I come from.

    I miss you.

  12. Love turtlenecks tucked into skirts, so feminine and warm!!


  13. Ahh, cutest sunglasses on the planet. Snow glare is like death.

  14. Love your outfit! I confess that I almost *never* iron my clothes. Seriously. And snow glare is awful! I feel your pain.


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