jeans/watch: target; sperry topsiders; sweater: buckle; scarf: h&m; tee: banana republic/sarah swapped
today is kind of marvelous.
once again, david and i stayed up too late playing scrabble (we need to stop doing that), but we were able to sleep in and eat breakfast together. that never happens because i'm always running out the door late to class or meetings. it's also overcast and gloomy outside and i've got homework to keep me busy and i just feel great about that.

this semester, i've been operating my own business, taking 15 credits, working a part-time TA job, teaching sunday school each week, blogging, and dating my husband. please believe me when i say i know what it feels like to have a full plate. i'm an expert in cramming more stuff onto an already full plate (both in the literal and figurative sense ;).

well, today i compiled the ultimate guide to managing stress...'cause i'm sort of an expert at it!

+ first, read this reminder from liz. she's right, you know.
+ listen to the "mozart piano quartet" pandora station, ideal for studying or relaxing.
+ eat delicious brain food: strawberries + nutella. or cheez-its. or banana pancakes.
+ burn lavender chamomile candles...holy cow, the combination is incredible
+ keep a planner. write everything that needs to be done in it as soon as you receive the assignment, make the appointment, etc. that way, you don't worry that you're forgetting something--it's all right there. i cover mine in awesome cat stickers...but that's not a necessity.
+ and check out this blog when you have a spare minute, because it's just funny.


  1. Love the blog makeover! Your stress relief tips are great. I'm a big candle burner with soothing music user - it makes any task that much better.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  2. pretty scarf

  3. i like the no clean checks part. :] that is the best!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! =) And that planner thing is saving my life. I have a word document on my computer right now that has everything I need to do before the semester ends, in order of deadline. I just go straight down the list.

  5. haha thanks for the reminder! You have a good head on your shoulders! And those comics are so very funny.

  6. At least you stay up playing a smart game. My husband and I stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing Dr. Mario.

    You are amazing keeping up with that full plate. There's no way I could eat that much.


    North Meets South

  7. "today was kind of marvelous" ... what a great way to start a post!

  8. you're superwoman!! and this outfit is perfect, i love it.

  9. wow, love your blog colors, so pretty... and your outfit.. and your hubs name! (mine is a David too ;)

    but totally love your advice, it''s amazing how much we women can juggle, isn't it?

  10. this is so pretty. love the scarf.



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