T H I R T Y !

  flats: target; top/blazer: sarah swapped; belt: shade; bracelet: thrifted
i feel like my squinty eyeballs don't convey how excited i am to be done with this thing.
maybe this does:
 yep. pretty excited. 
this 30 for 30 was harder for me than the last one. i got bored on day 10, i think.
here's my round-up for this one:
my faves: 7, 19, 24.
most versatile item: my striped dress, which i cut into a skirt.
most worn items: brown boots (again), sarah's blazer, f21 grey skirt.
best decision ever: swapping out unworn things halfway through...maybe cheating, definitely awesome.


  1. Congrats! I remember how excited I was when I finished the last 30 for 30. I bet the other side of your closet is excited as well. ;)

    I love the simplicity of today's look and how chic it is. I think my favorite look of your 30 for 30 would be Outfit 24! Love the yellow and purple.

  2. Woohoo! That is quite an accomplishment (and you wer so cute doing it)


  3. Before I even saw what your favs are, I was thinking 7 and 24, haha. I just finished 30 for 30 as well. Way to go us and way to go for being consecutive!

    North Meets South

  4. totally not cheating. smart.
    i honestly can't decide which is my favorite outfit...but my favorite item is that striped skirt. and that yellow cardigan. annnd your grey skirt. gah. i'm no help. you look great. and you're DONE! don't use up the universe's happy dance quota just yet...i'll need some of that tomorrow.

  5. YEEEEESSSSSSSS! Congratulations!! We are freaking glad its over too!

  6. Congrats on finishing - such great style all 30 days.

    Just came across your blog, too cute :)



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