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flats: payless; jeans/top/button-up/cardigan/bracelet: panache
i'm in such a funky mood lately. 
maybe it's because i haven't been sleeping well, or because venus is in retrograde (just kidding, i have no idea what venus is up to). it might also be because i've written too many feminist theory papers over the last couple semesters. perhaps, though, it's just my brain picking up on bizarre external things, which would be great because then it wouldn't put any blame on me being nutso.

it started then i watched knight and day...you know, the tom cruise + cameron diaz one?
i thought it was ridiculous! i was enraged!
basically, cameron diaz (the woman) screws everything up, tom cruise fixes things, and drugs her.
when she wakes up, she messes everything up again, he fixes everything again, and drugs her.
this happens like 6 times throughout the movie. i felt indignant. why did the woman have to be portrayed as the absolute biggest dingbat in the world? c'mon! have you no respect for yourself, cam? (i call her cam. we're cool.)

then, today i saw a cartoon in my university's newspaper, the scroll.
now, i'm not a huge fan of the scroll in the first place. i won't get into it, but i just don't like it. but a super cool girl who sits in front of me in post modern lit pointed out this cartoon.
it's a guy and a girl. the guy says to the girl, "so have you decided what to study?"
the girl says, "no, for now i'm going to focus on getting married."
there's a "..." and then the guys says, "do you want to go out this weekend?"
and girl responds, "absolutely!"
i mean, seriously? mormon culture gets enough smack talk as it is on the whole young marriage thing. why not portray women as they're actually encouraged to be--smart and educated and yes, nurturers and wives and mothers, but also driven and strong? 

well, that's my rant for the day.
yep, i'm mormon woman and i love my role as a wife and a (someday) mother. but i don't think that means  being a mindless dummy. it's just not the way my momma raised me! and i know this is a fashion blog and you're probably not here to hear my rants. but i wanted it to go on the record how i feel about this matter.

go do something today that makes you feel smart :) 
p.s. my english major conscience won't allow me to not cite my inspiration on this outfit. thanks, ramsey!


  1. funky :)


  2. it was a good rant, B. i liked it!

  3. Okay, FIRST of all, before I even read your post, I was going to give you a big kudos for keeping on schedule with the 30x30. Way to go! I'm five days behind and feeling like this whole process is just endless.

    And then I read your rant and I was like, "This girl and I are kindred spirits! I too am a Mormon English major who writes feminist theory papers and is exceedingly annoyed at sexist movies/cartoons!" =) Okay, full disclosure, I'm not in school anymore, but I WAS an English major; it even says so on my diploma. =) No, stuff like that really gets my dander up. There are little hallmarks of sexism all around. As much as we talk in church about how "the world" doesn't respect or honor women enough (and it's so true, by the way), some of those same signs of disrespect and condescension exist in the church culture as well. Get with it, team! We pay a lot of lip service to honoring women as nurturers, leaders, teachers, missionaries, righteous examples, etc., but we've gotta live up to those words if they're going to mean anything. That means treating women with dignity, taking them seriously, and - CRAZY IDEA! - acting like men and women are of equal value and potential. So enough with the lame cartoons, campus newspaper. Seriously.

    (... end rant =)

  4. First, I really enjoy your new photo locations and that outfit. The yellow cardigan is awesome!

    As for that cartoon, don't even get me started about women just focusing on marriage and not education. Who needs education more than those who raise the next generation? That's the hardest job there is! Do you really want a bunch of dimwits nurturing tomorrow's leaders? And then, who said you will get married in this life? Who said your husband can work? Ever heard of death? Divorce? Disability? It happens! I can go on forever! And that's not saying that all women who don't go to college are dimwits; smart, hardworking people don't always get higher education. But to be the best mother a woman can be, she needs to be a complete person before she has kids. My best friend is getting her Master's in English at BYU and she said the Daily Universe had a frontpage article about a similar topic. What the what! Sorry, I've said enough.

    North Meets South

  5. You. Go. Girl. We women have come a long way, regardless of race or religion. It's mildly disgusting when society takes us back a few steps.

    (PS: I found you through The Daybook awhile ago, and I think you are just adorable.)


  6. ugh. i agree with you. stupid cartoon, stupid idea, stupid mindset, lame.
    on a happier note: you couldn't be cuter at the end of the 30x30! i'll be jealous of you tomorrow, when i have one more to go and you'll be sipping your lemonade in Done-sville.

  7. I think it was last semester a womens housing complex across the street from the Hart actually had a huge sign that read, "Home of the Marriage guarantee". are you kidding me? I couldn't believe it! I have huge struggles with all that too. So frustrating!

    Cute outfits! I have those brown boots too and am pretty much obsessed.

  8. It's so encouraging to hear Morman women speaking this way! I am not Morman, but I read a lot of blogs written by Mormans, and it seems they are ALL SAHM's. I don't understand it. Is it a blog thing or a Morman thing? It appears many of them are college educated, but forgo career plans to instead have children. I don't judge them negatively - I respect SAHM's, but I wonder why they give up on the career thing. *Shrug* I absolutely adore you blog, I just found it today! :) But don't grammar snob me, because I'm an engineer, and writing is my worst subject! ;)


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