teenage dream

heels/watch: target; pants/cardigan/belt: panache; top: h&m
i got new kicks last night!  
actually, everyone did! david also got new shoes and our car got new tires. i used these shoes for an outfit inspiration on the store blog yesterday and just had to try them on at target in idaho falls...as soon as they were on my feet i was done for. they're so comfortable, i'm not even worried about walking back and forth cleaning tanning beds and tidying up clothing racks all day today.
anyways, david and i saw so many teenagers at the mall last night.

at first i was irritated, because they wear pajamas in public and walk reeeallly slow and laugh extremely loud.
but then david mentioned how he used to hang out at the mall as a teenager, and how he felt so cool. i remembered doing the same thing--feeling awesome when my mom would let me go to the mall with a few friends, unsupervised. i'm sure i was just as obnoxious as the kids we saw last night, carrying around bags from hollister and claire's and trying to sit next to someone hot (read: a leonardo dicaprio lookalike) in the food court.

at first i wished david and i had lived in the same area growing up, so maybe we could have hung out at the same mall together. i probably would have sent him a text message with extra smiley faces to show him just how flirty and fun i was, or tried to chat with him on AIM, or added him on myspace.

he wouldn't have flirted back, though, because he was 18 when i was 14. and that's just creepy.
it was definitely better that we met when we were both adults.


  1. u got the shoes!!!! want want and absolutely love!!! you look so hot and pretty

  2. I want some, too. I really never buy shoes anymore, and I used to ALWAYS buy shoes for myself. I think it's time...

  3. You look so incredible! Love the new shoes!

    Oh by the way, I almost called you last night because we decided last minute to go to Gah-nomeo (ha ha) and Juliet. But be glad we didn't because it was a BIG dissapointment...At least the five year old sitting next to me got some laughs.

  4. Oh my gosh Brandilyn I am in love with those shoes! Great pick! You dress so lovely :)

  5. Rebecca Hansen3/19/11, 7:41 PM

    Hahaha I loved this! "because he was 18 and I was 14 and that would be creepy." Chad used to work at the mall and would always complain about the tweens in there messing with computers and being obnoxious. But I know he was just as bad.

  6. I just bought these EXACT same shoes at target and wore them for the first time yesterday. Got a zillion compliments on them all day long. Plus, they're really comfortable. Woot for sister shoes!

  7. Oo, those shoes are amazing! I need some like for spring/summer. Or at least I'm telling my husband that I "need" them.

    North Meets South

  8. love that first photo... MODELLLLL :)

  9. haha i LOVE going to the mall to laugh at all the teenagers. its super funny.

  10. oh my goodness you look darling! i was going to say that i love your cardigan and then scrolled down and saw your shoes. too cute!


  11. One of the fave outfits that I've ever seen -- photo shoots too!

  12. So cute, love the new shoes. Lots of neutrals but not boring at all.

  13. i love those wedges! i almost bought them! and those jeans are so cute! you look hot

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