ten things and a weekend

 flats: payless; jeans: panache; top: kirra; blazer: fred meyer; necklace: truly sarah
in that top picture, i'm explaining to david the basic principles of aerodynamics...just kidding. 
i don't know crap about aerodynamics. i think i was asking him to take a horizontal picture.
i'm so happy it's the weekend! here's a list of
10 things that made me happy this week:
1.) david coming home and bringing me a sweet surprise :)
2.) girlfriend time while he was gone. it took me a long time to develop close friendships after i got married, and i'm so grateful for the women i have in my life now.
3.) the switch...it was so cute! i loved jason bateman. and that little boy...melt my heart.
4.)  vanilla coke. yummm.
5.) 100% of ALL purchases made on forever21.com today are going to japan relief efforts!
when else in life is shopping so guilt-free?! you should go shop now. maybe buy this awesome tee shirt.
6.) david and i signed up to do a motorcycle ride in arizona in april...omg. so excited.
7.) sourdough toast. grilled cheese on sourdough. plain sourdough. anything sourdough.
8.) the snow melted away behind out building, exposing our summer barbecue nook! i can't wait for warm evenings spent barbecuing shishkabobs and burgers with our next-door neighbor friends.
9.) nice customers. after an extremely disturbing incident yesterday that left me totally freaked out, i'm happy that the people in my store today are friendly and sweet.
10.) scrabble on facebook and on my kindle. so fun!


  1. vanilla coke is the best. hands down. also, those jeans look great on you.

  2. We just watched the switch too! That little boy is the cutest.

  3. you look adorable. boy do i love sourdough. that made me oh so hungry for some authentic sourdough from san francisco.

    what happened at your store!? is everything ok?

  4. rebecca - you're so sweet to ask :) everything's just fine, i just had some customers act in a really appalling way. no permanent damage though.

  5. What a happy day! And Jacob and I loved The Switch, too.

    But all of that pales in comparison to the fact that you have a BBQ nook, and that soon it will be warm enough to use it.

  6. Sourdough anythingggg! Yum-o.

    Also, I'm watching The Switch tonight. Glad you think it was great.

  7. Apparently, there is a certain type of germ or yeast or something that is used in sourdough... and we don't have the right kind over here, thus our sourdough tastes unsatisfactory. Except at Panera :)

    p.s. my word verification was hyptome which I pronounced hip-to-me, and it's true, you are so hip to me :)

  8. Haha, my sister (Andrea Wyss) just left like the exact same comment that I was about to. But I was also going to add that I'm so jealous you have a BBQ. That's the one downside of the city; no BBQ. Oh well, that was in-laws in the burbs are for.

    North Meets South

  9. Haha ^^ Kate :)

    Also... that t-shirt you linked to on F-21 reminds me of Jules and all her wolf-y stuff.


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