tuckered out

my planner looks like this this week:
i'm also teaching today, which is surprisingly draining. i love it more than i thought i would, but i do feel pretty tuckered out by the end of the day. especially with the extra walks to and from campus.

time in-between classes today looks like this:
(yeah, that's double diet coke, guys)
which is usually perfection, except i'd so much rather be doing this:
so i'm afraid i'm not a terribly interesting blogger today.
i'm very ready for 6:00.


  1. Oh golly - you have got a busy week! I find it tiring just being the student, never mind being the teacher!

    Just remember that it's Friday tomorrow!

    Lots of love,

  2. every second of your life is interesting to me (which is why I had cameras installed, it's like I am there).

    p.s. I drink double diet soda too. sometimes triple.

  3. Wow! Packed schedule. I hope ya get a good nights sleep or at least a long nap in soon.

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  4. Your planner is CUTE! mine is full of sloppy handwriting and scratched off items. and CUTE shoes. I have to say it is TOUGH to sit and read while your body would much rather sleep.

  5. When I grow up, I want the inside of my planner to be as cute as yours.

    PS - My word verification is catantor... which begins with "cat". So fitting.

  6. I love the photo with the book/shoes/diet cokes. Just a really great perspective.


  7. I have the same planner!

    But I'm not that busy this week!

    I even had the day off on Tuesday!

  8. hehe that looks like my planner


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