who you gonna call?

 boots/jeans: target; top/necklace: panache; vest: buckle; ponytail: waking up late
would you believe it if i told you david gave me the day off from the store?
i wouldn't have believed it if you told me...but alas, it's true! he's done it!
the man who once looked like this:
has given me a day to myself.
(david's dad sent that picture to me this morning...isn't it the cutest? he's a ghostbuster, of course.)
i've spent the day workshopping fiction with the students i TA for and hanging out in my quiet apartment and getting ahead on homework. it's been...amazing. i love him.

now, if you'll excuse me...there's a grilled cheese on sourdough bread and an essay on post-modern literature calling my name. and those are two of my most favorite things. :)


  1. love your outfit today and that photo of david cracks me up! silly little boys

  2. What an excellent hubby you have! Go David! =)
    Grilled cheese on sourdough sounds so amazing right now! I'm definitely wishing I was eating something delicious right now, but I think a grilled cheese is absolutely on the menu for supper now! Thanks for the inspiration!

    And They Lived Happily Ever After...

  3. What a nice dude. I am pretty sure my brothers had similar outfits when they were little. Too cute.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  4. you look great!!kiss from Prague

  5. oh my goodness! that pic is HYSTERICAL!!! will he totally kill you for posting it or is he like my hubby who adores all the goofy attention he can get?


  6. Enjoy your afternoon off! That is such a cute picture.


  7. that i my favorite vest in the whole world every time you wear it you look so pretty!! even with your hair in a ponis i love it!!

  8. That is a classic picture.

    And I'm sort of in love with your shirt.

    And the word verification is "unwrefug," which sounds either dirty or German. I can't decide which.

  9. You LOOOVE him -- with good reason. He is wonderful :) Also, cute picture.

  10. you're adorable! love the outfit and i think i might have those jeans! and the ghostbusters pic is too precious!


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  12. i love postmodern lit! and grilled cheese! and ghostbusters! and your store! oh, dear, i'm coming on much too strong, aren't i? i'll introduce myself: anna, carrie chapman's cousin, and blog-stalker extraordinaire. can we be cyber friends?


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