and then..

shoes: f21; jeans: BKE/buckle; belt: american eagle; top: target little girl's section; cardigan: panache

i set my alarm for 7:00 this morning so i could go running, then to a meeting at 9.
david set his alarm for 8:00 this morning so he could start working.
at 9:30, we woke up and flipped.

luckily, the professor i TA for was way cool about my tardiness (even though i felt so bad). aaand...david manages his own schedule for the most part. and DANG did it feel good to get a full night of sleep.
and i got free pizza in my persuasion class, which isn't related to waking up late but is the best bonus in life.
and i only have one final to take on-line and a stack of papers to grade before i'm DONE with this semester.
and i have a new shipment of clothing along with this book coming in the mail tomorrow.
and david's wearing a really cute flannel shirt i got him two christmases ago.
so yep, i'm a pretty happy camper.
a happy camper who's going to be setting up camp in southern california in a couple days.
and by setting up camp i mean hanging out with my family at the beach and on the poolside, and maybe meeting up with this fabulous lady.


  1. Aahh so jealous of California... When you see the sun, tell it pop by Finland someday too

  2. What? California? Were you going to tell me?!? :(

  3. look so cute, especially for over sleeping! Also, love that the shirt is from the kids section. I've been thinking about starting to shop there again :-)


  4. you look sooo cute i likey this!!!! yeyeyeyey california with MEMEMEME in less than 48 hrs!

  5. Yours is my favorite blog of all time. Just so you know.

  6. Just found your blog! Adorable!

  7. LOVE that stripey shirt. Love it want it need it. And hope you had yourselves a mighty fine time in Cali! Yay!!


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