bang your head

 flats: target; pants: f21 ($9!); tee: buckle; jacket: fred meyer
& can you tell monday is trash day?
today is super overcast, which means super bright pictures, which means my eyes have once again disappeared. i don't know why i even bother with eyeliner when my eyes are so friggin' squinty.

so last night, david and i watched megamind and i fell asleep on the couch right after it was over. this isn't unusual--i always fall asleep on the couch and then when david tells me that i'll be grumpy in the morning if i don't wash my face/take my contacts out, i start mumbling incoherent mumbo-jumbo.
anyways, last night i finally drug myself to bed. i always do a pretty dramatic flop onto my pillow (i'm dramatic when i'm sleepy), and last night i miscalculated...slamming my head right into our wall.
and since we live in a building that turned 100 this year...it's a cement wall.
i immediately burst into the ugly crying.
you know what ugly crying is--it's the polar opposite of a single, glistening tear. it's the crumpled face, wailing, snotty cry. super hot. luckily, david's stuck with me so he can't go running as soon as he sees the ugly cry. thank goodness for a sensitive husband. david has a very soothing presence when i'm in distress.

so all that to say...today i've got one massive headache and i'm sort of wishing i took tylenol. but i still went running with sarah this morning! yayyy brandilyn.


  1. Oh nooooo! I kiss your forehead better!

  2. hey, nothing wrong with those oriental eyes! ha ha (: oh and i love that top! and your new template. if it's new. if not and i'm just making a fool of myself then just feel free to ignore this hah

  3. you look so tiny and pretty i love that outfit!!! and your poor little head. its ok i ugly cry all the time when i get hurt. like when i accidently bite my cheek all the time:(

  4. sort of hate you because your hair is so pretty. gah.

  5. love the long hair! and I watched megamind too last night! loved it actually!

    Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  6. That whole exchange sounds like my husband and I. I always fall asleep during movies, and he's always forces me to take out my contacts/wash me face. Fortunately, I only run into our couch. Not a cement wall. Ouch!

    North Meets South

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  8. Ouch! I had a kick-the-wooden-bed-frame-in-the-middle-of-the-night incident about 6 months ago. My leg is scarred now. May your head have better luck! But the hair looks great!


    P.S. New follower...friend of Carrie's...found you thru her blog....I like your blog and shall continue to read on.


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