"can you ever be just whelmed?" "i think you can in france.."

boots: vintage; leggings: target; tube top as skirt: f21; thermal: AE
i wore this skirt like 2 days ago but i don't care because i'm in love with it.
today is my last first day of school!
i wish i'd remembered to take a picture with my backpack by the front door.
classes today were a bit overwhelming, especially after still being in a vacation haze. and especially with meanie cramps (can i say that on here or is it inappropriate? i do so hate offending). and especially when i saw the HUGE VINYL the business owner who operates out of the basement of our building put on MY window. my beautiful display window. nice try, homeboy. that's coming down.
anyways, i'm trying to remember that i'll figure out my classes as i go (i always do) and keep a level head...because when i let myself get panicky and overwhelmed, i usually end up shutting down, crying, then watching 5 hours of secret life trash tv on hulu, aka the most counterproductive behavior ever.

well, in case you were wondering if any of the outfit pictures i take end up weird...
 sure they do.

p.s. major kudos if you know what movie my title is quoting.
it was/still is a fave.



  2. It's those "darn" Dawson's River, kids!

    One, I love all your movie quotations, and two, I love that top as a skirt. Rock it like there is no tomorrow.

    North Meets South

  3. just bought 2 similar shirts for skirts at Forever 21 too this last week! lovely lovely!

  4. oh how i love that movie. and erica's comment. we should all be friends is my opinion. also you can say cramps. just don't say tampons, it's a dirty word. CRAP i just said it.ah well.


    ....great, now i'm going to get mean offended anonymous comments.

    but really, we should all be friends IRL :)

  6. I want your boots! And no you did not offend, at least to me. PS love your blog

  7. HOORAY! Congrats on almost being done with school. Sounds like you've got some forces [down staris] working against you but it's not stopping your good attitude!

  8. I JUST watched ten things last night while [ahem] doing homework.

  9. I just noticed...no extensions??? Did I miss the update on your bloggie???

    Oh my gosh. we are just FINISHing the semester. Talk about frustrating. Ryan has 2, TWOOOO weeks of finals. Thankfully, I get my bff for 3 days from utah and my mother in law for a week to keep me HAPPY while I don't see my husband practically for 2.5 weeks!! HOORAY!!!!

    Your trip sounded like a dream. love it all!!

  10. that's a nice skirt

  11. I am loving your blog.. hope it's ok that I am now hooked!

    Adore your tube top/skirt, glad to see I'm not the only one workin those. You're darling.

  12. Love that quote so much and love that movie! one of my faves is 'as opposed to planet look at me! look at me!' and love your blog, glad I found it!


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