sperry topsiders; jeans/top/cardi: target; headband: gift from darc; necklace: truly sarah; bag: stevester
i wore this when we rented beach cruisers.
i was super tired yesterday on our way to the beach. then, my mom gave me gypsy green tea pills and i was very happy and chatty. those pills are a straight up miracle (and organic! so i'm not a druggie, yay!). we ended up having so much fun cruising up and down the beach, checking out the local vendors and enjoying sea-salty air. these are cell phone pictures because i forgot my real camera:
the beach was really beautiful, i took a cheesy picture next to my pink cruiser, and my mom and megs got headbands so we could be triplets.

p.s. someone asked on formspring if i'm pregnant...guess i've been wearing unflattering clothes lately! haha, for the record, i'm not pregnant. still a newlywed + still a student = not ready for that yet. plus...my baby makin' status isn't anyone's business but mine. and david's, of course.
p.p.s i redid my momma's blog today! check it out! she looks spiffy, no?


  1. oooh, i love bikes. they're the best. and i'm jealous that you were at the beach WITH a bike. seriously two of my favorites combined, it's like a ridiculously cool super power or something (not really but you get what i'm saying)

  2. Fun outfit! I love it!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first picture.

  4. hey, saw you over on Clothed Much. loving your blog and all your adventures.

  5. For the recod... you don't look pregnant at all. But you do look adorable cruising around the beach

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  6. Too cute!!!!!! I've yet to try the scarf as a headband thing!

  7. I am really loving the stripes, rolled jeans, and cardi look. It's so sweet and perfect for the changing weather. Very cute!

  8. may i just say that i LOVE the title of your blog? :)


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