FRAHNCH fries. FRAHNCH dressing. FRAHNCH bread. and to drink...PAY-ROO!

 boots: vintage; jeans: BKE/buckle; top: panache; cardi: target
today was my first real day of french class.
it's a lit class, and it's conducted entirely in french. the readings are in french, the questions are in french, and class discussions are in french. it's been two years since i took a french class. perhaps...i'm in a bit over my head. mon français est pathétique.
of course, there are a bunch of french-speaking return missionaries in the class who are completely fluent. they speak to each other in rapid french before class begins and laugh uproariously at even the slightest joke from the professor...all while i smile and look confused, like, "ha..ha...i totally understand what's going on..."
needless to say, i cannot even describe how wonderful it was to turn on my ipod for the walk home and hear mr. john cougar mellencamp singins jack and diane into my earphones. good, old-fashioned american tuneage. aaaah. bliss. j'adore monsieur mellencamp.

and...if you know the quote for today's title, you even cooler than the 10 things i hate about you day. although i still think you're super cool for knowing 10 things.


  1. Entirely in French! Ah! C'est terrible! No, not really, I'm sure you'll learn a bunch and remember all the other stuff you'd forgotten! I can't wait to hear all about it! I really wish I could remember even a tiny bit of the French I spent a gazillion years studying!

    Oh well, c'est la vie!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. "Gee I'm real sorry your mom blew up, Ricky..."

  3. oh my i know how you feel. i took a spanish lit class last semester, totally intimidating when everyone is speaking to each other and laughing. hated it, but loved the class, so weird how that works, right? good luck!!

  4. admittedly i'm really not cool enough to know that quote. but i still hope we can be friends. and that shirt is cute. good luck in french class. i will learn french one day. that day may be in heaven but it will still happen.

  5. Okay this look is the cutest! Yay for french! I leave for France on Tuesday!!


  6. totally understand the need for american music after all you hear is a foreign language!

  7. sadly, i had to look up this quote. BUT i have seen that movie!

  8. "do you have any idea what the street calue of this mountain is?!?" so glad other people love this movie too :)

  9. It has raisins in it...Lane you like raisins!


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