i'm nothing but a human onion

 oxfords: ebay; jeans: BKE/buckle; tank: f21; tee: target; scarf: panache
i'm getting the sense that tuesdays and thursdays are going to be very overwhelming this semester.
i say that because, so far, every tuesday and thursday has been overwhelming. they're the days when i have senior writing seminar, advanced creative writing and publishing, and rhetoric (all 90-minute classes) all in a row and then i come straight to the store and work until dinnertime. pheeew.
anyways, today i got a break from 8am-6pm sitting by enjoying my brisk walk home to the fullest. i really do love walking home from campus every day. i also got to ride my bicycle to the post office...that's bliss right there, i tell ya.
anyways, david got me an egg for easter that i put in a glass of water and now, two days later...
our firstborn!
i call him chickee. so cute. we love him.


  1. I hear ya, I am taking a Spanish class this summer that I think is similar to your French class and I am muy nervioso. It will probably kick my butt. next time we skype, you talk in French and I'll talk in Spanish and we'll see how far we get ;)

  2. lol that little chick is too cute!

  3. He's a little wing heavy if ya know what I'm sayin.

    Happy easters!

  4. hi..i love reading ur blog..n that easter egg turns out a cute lil duck!!wuwuwu

  5. cute and comfy for a busy day!


  6. I'm just gonna say it. Chickee looks a little...mutant.

    BUT your SHIRT looks incredibly comfortable and incredibly flattering. And I adore you in it. (And always.)

  7. this is the epitome of my style. i love this outfit!


  8. You make comfortable look SO fashionable!

  9. it'll be worth it when you graduate!

  10. I love the scarf and the shoes a lot :)
    congratulations on your firstborn :P

  11. FYI: your post titles make me smile. As does your firstborn's baby picture.

  12. aha! the first born made me giggle. that is so fun... i need to do that for my toddler... if he doesn't hide or destroy it while it's hatching itself.

  13. I love your feminine scarf paired with the more masculine shoes. Nice mixing of styles. And your firstborn is a cutie :)

    I just found your blog and am really enjoying it!

  14. aw, congrats on the newest addition. chickie actually bares a very surreal resemblance to a few ultrasound shots i have of my kids in utero. (wait, can i say "in utero" in a comment without getting you scrutinized by the government? hope so. if not...my apologies.) know what i love most? that hint of aqua tank peeking out from under your shirt. it's totally unexpected and so fresh. you should link it up on today's linkup on my blog, if you want!
    you're adorable as always, brandilyn.

  15. haha that's too funny! i feel you on the class schedule. i have four classes back to back on mondays and wednesdays! kill me now.

  16. i tried this top on at target and it SUCKED on me, dang it!

  17. Man, you're hardcore. I don't know how you do it! I think it's tough going to work FT....

    IT's a cutie :)

  18. I am definitely enjoying your website. You definitely have some great insight and great stories.
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