i've had diarrhea since easters.

heels: target; skirt/top/belt: panache
happy easter!
the easter bunny totally came to our apartment last night.
he brought me this egg that has to sit in water for 48 hours and it hatches into an animal...i've been watching it obsessively all day long. he brought david a dvd on the history of aerial assault. i'd say the easter bunny knows us pretty well.

so last night, panache (my little clothing store, for those of you that are new around here :) hosted sydney's blogger meet-up bash. i had way too much fun meeting bloggy people and eating delicious food. a big, fat thank you to everyone that came and to sydney for knowing how to throw a party! hopefully i'll have pictures to post soon...i forgot to have my camera handy. woops.

p.s. my title was a movie quote, juust for the record. :)


  1. totally watched that movie today, just for that quote.

    chancho, i need to borrow some sweats!

    also, love the skirt!

  3. Anyone who hasn't seen Nacho, hasn't lived.

  4. We were saying that quote all day today <3

  5. Brandilyn it was such a pleasure to meet you too. One of my first questions coming into the store was "who is the owner here? I want to meet her." I came home rushing to try on the shirt I fell in love with on your Panache site, and I think I want it in a large instead of medium. Can I swing by this week? I want my face on your international shoppers wall too!


  6. dude. thank you for making that your title. i almost used it for mine, but i wasn't sure how to spell diarreha hahaha

  7. Hahaha! "Maybe it's time for me to find a better duty!" LOVE the shirt

  8. I love those water things! Post a photo of your finished product, because I am curious.

    One time my sister bought me one of a girl and said that she could be my friend, seeing as how I didn't have any.


  9. Hey! That is my hometown you are standing in!
    Love those shoes - so cute.
    Gotta come check out your store next time I'm back home. :)

  10. fyi, I quoted that ALL day yesterday. I don't think I once even referred to it as Easter. It was Easters.

  11. "They think I don't know a buttload of crap about the Gospel, but I DO!"

    You look so pretty and put-together!


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