laptop 911

 oxfords: ebay; skirt: buffalo exchange SD; tissue tee: target; cardigan/belt: panache
i feel scholarly today.
and i like it.
it's my first day of french class, so i'm hoping that if i look smart, i will feel/talk smart.
it's a 202 french lit class, and it's been a couple years since i took the language foundations classes...je suis tres nerveux! i hope i remember my french.

so...our trusty panache laptop went kaput.
that laptop has our point of sale software on it, so it basically acts as a cash register...so without it i'm ringing people up ::gasp!:: by hand. like with a calculator. i guess i can't blame our poor, sweet old laptop for pooping out. she's worked hard without stopping or even having a sick day since october of 2008. that's dedication.
so here's to you, you trusty little thing!
you have served panache well. you have rung up many a sale. you've printed many a receipt. you have ordered many a jimmy john's sandwich. your replacement will not have quite the same place in our hearts that you do.

p.s. yes, that is a framed picture of my cat marley next to the computer. isn't he precious?!


  1. Yikes! I hope you were able to back up all the info on it before it died!

    Also, I LOVE that skirt!!!!!!! Pretty thing.

  2. That skirt is beautiful! I saw the mini pic of it in my dashboard reader list (no I don't use google reader. I'm too old to change my ways) and immediately thought, "pretty skirt! must see larger pic now!"

    North Meets South

  3. okay! i'm trying so hard to think of how i know you and i can't decide if it's from home (san diego) or if it's from sitting next to you in botany before you dropped out...? was that you? i dont know anymore. my pregnant brain is failing me. in other notes: happy happy skirt, i miss the buff and flashbacks, shops in utah just aren't the same. there are a few gems in salt lake and sugarhouse but thattttts about it!

  4. poor laptop :( he lived a long life though!

  5. You do look scholarly in this outfit. Smokin' scholarly.


  6. yes your cats is adorable. also what is buffalo exchange? i've heard of this place several times and i still don't know what it is. i'm sure i could look it up on the internet i just am too lazy to.

  7. aww sad, we should have a funeral service or something. p.s. i want to cut bangs like yours. pronto. p.s.s. when are we going to work out? p.s.s.s. miss you.

  8. hahahahahhahahahahaha LMAO "you have ordered many a jimmy john's sandwich" hahahahahahhahaha i love you.

  9. I love your skirt! You have an awesome skirt assortment.

  10. That is so sad! My computer screen cracked over break and I wanted to die...and it doesn't have important software I really really need it.


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