the last day

sunday was practically perfect.
it was the day we left san diego (which isn't perfect at all, actually) and headed for LA.
on the way, we stopped in rancho cucamonga where...i met up with lacie!
i've been a longtime reader of her blog (which is hilarious and filled with adorable outfits) and was thrilled she wanted to meet up in real life, even though our husbands thought that would be weird and there was a possibility that we would show up to a 40 year old creepy man waiting to stab us.
well, that didn't happen.
lacie is just as gorgeous as she looks in all her pictures (seriously, perfect skin = jealous) and we talked and pounded diet cokes and ended up wishing we had more time to hang out.
(i'm wearing: vintage boots, panache jeans, styles tank, h&m cardi, lucky bag)
i like this photo even though it's blurry because we look like we're sharing all our secrets:
i've decided that a really like meeting blogging friends in real life.
that night, david and i got to stay in a hotel room that turned out to be super trendy. i tried to play it cool like i wasn't impressed with the hipster-ness of our room and i stayed in awesome hotels all the time, but...i was totally impressed.
 (my panoramic pictures always turn out sort of wonky)
anyways, tonight we are back in our beloved little rexburg apartment safe and sound...and i have classes at 8:00 tomorrow morning, so it's probably really foolish of me to be up past midnight blogging.


  1. you know for all it's flaws i have to say that rexburg kinda rocks in the summertime. i'm a little jealous you're there. even in good ol' california i like me some cooler burg summers. enjoy!

  2. is it bad that I am completely jealous of lacie because she got to see you in real life?

  3. love! (i'm wearing: romper: Urban, cardi: Target, sandals: Gap, hat: Forever21)

    but srsly. LOVEYA!!!! we had a gag and a half!

    and LOLing at the dog bedspread--PRICELESS!


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