rainy day hoorays

 headband: SD beach vendor; jeans: panache; tee: f21; cardi: target
i hereby dub this outfit,
"holy crap, i woke up late and it's raining."
for reals, the sky looks like this today:
i'm not complaining, though! i love it. gloomy, stormy weather is my fave.
it might have something to do with the love i have for cozy outerwear, which comes close to my love for putting my icy feet between david's warm calves. he's so hot, he warms me up right away! har, har, har. so cheesy. actually, my poor husband has strep for the 2nd time in as many months. i hate it when he doesn't feel good and there's nothing i can do to help.

i got this headband from a street vendor in san diego and i love it. high school brandilyn would have loved it, too...maybe it helps me feel connected to my younger self without dyeing my fringe turquoise or tossing condescending, sarcastic remarks at my well-meaning mom (sorry 'bout ages 14-18, mom...love you).


  1. i wore my headband today too!!!! go headband club!!

  2. That looks very much like BYU-I to me ...

  3. O my gosh I am STILL apologizing to my poor parents from ages 14-18...I was....SCARYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Now I'm nervous with my own daughter. My dad goes- You deserve every once of her attitude she gives you........

    o great.

  4. haha for a rainy day look it seems you have everything under control. I love the red cardigan, it's so hard to find just a plain red one these days.

  5. Love the tee! How I miss SexyRexy; I'll take Rexy rain over the snow we've been getting this week. Freakin' snow.

  6. i love love love love (yes it was needed to use 4 loves) animal face shirts. i bought this ridiculous bunny one the other day. :)
    such a huge fan of your blog, really i am.


  7. this is perfect outfit :)

  8. You look so cute. Thanks again for the guest post:



  9. the shirt! the headband! I love it all!

  10. Love this outfit!! Wish I looked that cute when I wake up late :)

  11. I love this! Sometimes I feel as if I live in quirty Ts, skinny denim and cute cardis.


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