people are so nice.
i hate days when everyone that comes in the store is rude and i see mean blog posts and i feel grumpy...but those days make me so excited for times when i feel like the whole world is my friend. i've been so spoiled lately.

for instance, kate spoiled me by making this for me:
was there ever anything cuter in the history of the world?? the answer is no. no, there never was.

sarah spoils me by running with me every morning at 6:15. i haven't gotten up that early in a long time. and she manages to be so funny at that (still dark!) hour that i end up having a blast and it's totally worth it. plus, it makes me feel good all day long.

my momma spoiled me by sending this to me:
my little dog and my big cat all snuggled up for bedtime together! preecious.

david spoiled me by getting me this shirt:
 (boots/cardi: target; jeans: panache; tee: modcloth)
but that was for my birthday a few years ago.
today he spoiled me by watching the store so i could get veggie pizza and cleaning tanning beds and being really excited for me every time i finish another class.
(did you see how sneaky i was about slipping my outfit into this post? so sneaky)

and i spoiled myself by making my planner look like this by tuesday. yep, finals week keeps lobbing things at me...and i keep knocking them out!

so far i'm having a blast and pinning everything in sight. ok, not everything. but a lot of things. do you have a pinterest? let me know, i want to follow you!


  1. I love a planner that looks like that. I miss those days. And I am slowly but surely falling in love with Pinterest. I love it!

  2. That is the most beautiful planner I've ever seen.

    I still have to endure 4 more weeks of Ryan in school.....shooooooooooooooooooot me. No, don't. But, I wish we were done this week so I could have my husband back!!!!!!!!!

  3. holy planner, i love it! i need to get me a planner so i can make it so purty!

    and i'm on the pinterest bandwagon as well ... you can find me as: maryelizabetho -- its so addicting!

  4. love the bright colors in your outfit!

    and I should get a pintrest but you can always follow me here:



  5. You are so funny! And crafty! Tell those rude people to jump in a lake!

  6. Man, everyone else had something to do with cats...I really need to step things up. Don't be surprised if I am wearing a cat suit tomorrow with my running shoes when you arrive.

  7. well, i feel a little sheepish about the fact that i don't even know what pinterest is. but, question: are you a vegetarian?
    happy finals-are-almost-over week!

  8. i love pintereset! it is the best! i know how you feel about pinning everything in sight, i do that too:)

  9. hey, anna! i'm not a strict vegetarian...but i do avoid meat. it grosses me out/makes me sad. and i just found out about pinterest like...a week ago. hahaha

  10. i totally loved this post. you're adorable. your planner is a work of art (seriously), and your running in inspiring. way to go, brandilyn!

  11. I have a pinterest too! I just started too - and got way distracted on it last night...You should follow me!


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