running (wo)man

 boots/jeans/cardi: target; top: panache; necklace: gift/f21
oh, hey. these are just my stairs.
we live at the top of them. they separate our business from our apartment.
sometimes i ditch the store for 2 minutes, sprint up these stairs, give david a kiss, and grab a diet coke before sprinting back down. there are 28 stairs. i count them every time i use them, you know.

today was the first day of the last week of my second-to-last semester at byu-i. did you follow that?
well, i got to hang out with the beautiful sarah. have i told you that i have a blast with her?
 it's true. i do.
here we can be observed perusing a hair magazine and enjoying fine cuisine at great harvest.
on saturday, sarah and i started running together. i am not a runner, but i want to be one.
if you have any tips for new runners, please feel free to impart your wisdom...i so desperately need it.
i also need luck for a final test i'm about to take.
i have a good feeling about it, though, because i am rewarding myself with a reese's easter egg if i do well. and i don't mess around when there are reese's easter eggs involved.
(now do you see why i need to become a runner?)


  1. You are freaking gorgeous!

    P.S. I LOVE hanging out with you! This week, despite finals, has been a blast! Ha ha.

  2. is that a slightly older picture? or did you already get rid of the extensions?!

  3. andrea - they're clip-ins! & they're not yet cut, so when they're not in a braid they look like a trailer trash mess :) i've still got to get them fixed up a bit before they're ready for every day!

  4. I also hate hate hate running, but I force myself through some of it anyway. My best advice is learn how to breathe right! A good breath should come from your belly, not your chest, otherwise you won't get enough oxygen. Plus, you'll have those really icky sharp pains in your chest afterwards that make you feel like you're wheezing like a 65-year-old smoker.


  5. when you're up to it, invest in some great running shoes. so many of my friends have tried to come running with me, and it breaks my heart the kind of shoes they wear! Its just bad for your whole body! running gets so much easier with good footwear - not just what looks good, but more importantly what is built for the type of running you want to do. yay for running!

  6. can i invite myself running with you and i'll tell you alllll my running secrets. ha. but seriously i need a running buddy.

  7. i used coach to 5 k, its a program you can find online and it has you first walking more than running and over so many weeks you are running a 5 k! slowly but surely!

  8. A reese's egg? as in singular? c'mon, man. have at LEAST three.

  9. I'm a runner, and let me say, I'm always excited when I hear of someone new wanting to start! Take it easy, find a training program you like(such as couch to 5k), stick with it, and reward yourself! Good shoes are absolutly crucial and I would suggest going to a specialized running store where people can really help you. Also, buy something cute to wear...you'll be more likely to stick with it if you know you look the part too! Best of luck! Oh, and pick up a copy of Runners World Magazine...its motivation at its best!

  10. I have done two half marathons. I love to run! That's awesome you started to run! One thing that keeps me motivated is how I feel afterward a long run, endorphin high I tell ya! My advice is even when you don't feel like going just put your shoes on it helps!
    By the way LOVE your style!


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