boots/chambray: target; jeans/cardi/necklace: panache
i am obsessed with this chambray top.
it is soft as can be and comfortable to boot.
other things that are soft: my face.
this morning, sarah and i did face masks with steam, egg whites, and finally honey. ooh boy.
i keep touching my cheek and smiling, which may be creeping out my customers..

welp, it's official, guys--i'm done with my winter semester. hip-hip-hooray!
rexburg decided to celebrate my academic success by dumping snow everywhere, which was just a lovely development.

i'm feeling super irritable today...obnoxious college girls, little kids putting jewelry into their mouths (where's mom? nowhere to be found, of course!), and non-stop telemarketing phone calls are all getting on my nerves a lot more than they usually do. luckily, i think david's coming down to give me a break soon. thank goodness for husbands.


  1. What's the difference between a chambray & a button up shirt? Seriously...I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to clothes!

  2. Go reward yourselves with free frozen yogurt at kiwi loco tonight from 5-10. Hopefully that can make you less irritable. :)

  3. i love your blog, i really do. I enjoy reading it and seeing your clothes that come into your store, but when you say things like "
    i'm feeling super irritable today...obnoxious college girls, little kids putting jewelry into their mouths (where's mom? nowhere to be found, of course!)" it makes me afraid to go into your store. Having an almost 3 year old i kind of take it personal. I KNOW this is your blog and you can say whatever you want, but I think sometimes the readers (like me) can take it personal.

  4. Dawn: Unless it was your kid eating jewelry, I don't understand why you would take that personally. I've been to Panache and have seen really well-behaved kids (who, by the way, still act like kids) and I've seen the ones Brandilyn is talking about that break the store's merchandise! I think if you're scared to go into a store because the owner is not okay with kids eating the jewelry you're not going to find many stores to shop at.

  5. kristie - it's just a denim top...but the term chambray makes it sound less like a "texas tuxedo" haha!

    dawn - sorry you're offended!

  6. hahahaha!!!! i just laughed alot. also every time you wear this cardigan i always think you look so pretty its my fav!!!

  7. Love that cardi.

    I do have a question...so do you ever just like slob out the door and not look cute everyday??? I mean, I know you need to look good running a store and all, but don't you have those days??? I haven't see you have one of those days because you are CUTE every single day!!! (and I'm jealous) if I did a mommy fashion blog yall would just laugh and say...girl did you really get married? Someone loves you looking like that????!!!! hahaha tis true my dear :-)

  8. (whoa drama comments above)

    If that girl is REALLY offended about your comment, then she's probably had that happen to her where her kid has acted crazy in a store. Just so we all know, all kids do have their moments and EVERYONE feels the SAME WAY where you think "where is their mom??" sooo lets not be negative when someone who is sweet and awesome 100% of the time shares their opinion when something annoying happened during the day. Just cause you FEEL offended, doesn't mean you need to write a comment about it and hurt Brandilyn's feelings...booya.

  9. Sounds like not the funnest of days! Congrats on finishing your semester though! That's fabulous!

  10. Just saw the other comment. Looks like someone else is having a bit of an irritable day too. No worries! It happens to the best of us :) tomorrow always comes!

  11. meagan - um you're the nicest person EVER! i totally have days where i look homeless/not cute at all. the blog is a great motivation to try to look good every day, though! it makes such a big difference in my day when i take some extra time (even if it's only 5 min) to look nice. i'm more positive, i'm a better student, and i think people treat me with more respect. maybe that sounds superficial...but it works for me! :)

    thanks for the sweet comments today, you guys. seriously made me :).

  12. Gorgeous! Love the yellow cardi and the boots go so well :-)


  13. LOVE that cardigan. And congrats on finishing the semester, I wish I could say the same! Finishing a semester is such a relief.


  14. good night boots, ... good morning spring :)


  15. i love this look. where are the boots from?
    -your newest follower :)

  16. oh oh oh i love this outfit! and the location. and yes, thank heaven for husbands. :)


    ps congrats on being done with school!!

  17. you are lovely! chambray = love.


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