david took this picture of me headed off to sell my textbooks back to the library.
i post it today in celebration of being done for the next 10 days!
done with school.
done with rexburg cold weather.
done with people tap dancing above my bedroom.
done with the bathroom that has a drip-drip-drip leak that's like chinese water torture.
done with cleaning tanning beds.

i'm ready to start...
running with my momma.
making/eating delicious dinners.
enjoying warm weather (well, it's raining now..but i love the rain).
relaxing with my main squeeze.

and, when i get back to school...i'm ready to start my last semester, filled with all my senior english classes! after only one english class last semester (boo), i'm thrilled to have a schedule filled with senior writing seminar, creative writing/publishing, and history of rhetoric. oh, and a harley davidson ride across arizona...but i'll tell you about that in another post ;)


  1. have fun on your days off! i'll be there in lovely rexburg in 10 days :)

  2. You are already done? BYU-I finishes early! Congrats on finishing and enjoy your break! But what happens with panache when you are gone? Is it just closed?

    North Meets South

  3. Wow girl you're finished early. Have an AMAZING break. Can't wait to hear about this harley ride you'll be taking.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  4. byu-i has 3 semesters a year, so we're off for 10 days and then i start back up again for my summer semester! we've got two adorable stylists from the salon that baby-sit panache when i'm out of town :)

  5. have so much fun in California!!! Love you lady!

  6. Brandilyn + Nike sweatshirt = WHAAAAT?!

  7. jeal. (of cali, graduating, harley ride in az and your hot bod)

  8. darc - it's david's! he got it when he was like fourteen. it's both our favorite item of clothing :)

  9. oooh i love the cold weather! it's Autumn now here in South Africa and i'm counting down the days until i can whip out the scarves and coats!

    nice blog :)


  10. I'm impressed you are riding your bike in Rexburg in the WINTER. I went there once and almost died, I could see my breath in the Dennys. The good thing is, is you look great riding that bike.

  11. ENG 450 is ANNOOOOOOOOOOYING. Cute bike!!!

  12. B - Adam and I both share a sweatshirt. It's a brown BYUI one I bought when I graduated. Sharing clothes is the best.


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