tube tops, fanny packs, & wrist modeling

 shoes: target; top: banana republic/sarah swapped; tunic as skirt: f21; belt: f21; purse: lucky
i can't figure out why this picture turned out so grainy!
aaaand...that's totally a tube top that i yanked down to be a skirt.
i wore this out to dinner with my family at a benihana...have i mentioned that i adore my family?
i got our anniversary stamped on a bracelet at sea world!
isn't that awesome? they put anything you ask for on it! i love it. it's a souvenir that will get more use than a shamu snow globe...and probably an equal amount of use as the fanny pack my mom got. let's face it, fanny packs are downright useful. i even got one for our motorcycle ride coming up...do you know how amazing a fanny pack is when you're on the back of a harley? answer: so amazing.

do you see the scar on my left hand there?
i broke my wrist in the 8th grade when i wiped out getting air on a bmx bike jump....it sounds a lot more hard core than it actually was. well, when the lady was cutting my cast off with the saw thing, she cut my wrist, too! and she just said, "oops" and kept sawing. totally ruined my career as a bracelet model.


  1. Just found your blog!! Love that skirt girl!

    Monique xx


  2. I had one of those bracelets, with my name on it, and sadly lost it!! I think I may have gotten mine at Seaworld too! Love that top as a skirt!

  3. I really like those bracelets! :) They look cute on you! :)

  4. I L-O-V-E the anniversary bracelet. I want one! I am also in love with the cream and gold braided one on the far left. Gorgeous.

    Miss you.

  5. Should be titled: Things you never want to hear a nurse say; haha
    "I'm sorry, was that your hand?" "No, it's find, I didn't need that finger anyway"

  6. love the red belt on top of the skirt(tube top!)


  7. What a great idea for that bracelet! I love the print on your tube top skirt too :)

  8. i have the same scar! i broke my arm when i was seven and when the dr was cutting the cast off he cut me too and i started crying and he was like "oh it gets a little hot sometimes" didn't even apologize. he is no longer practicing medicine.
    scar twinzies! lol


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