why is rod kissing his sister?

boots: vintage; jeans/top: panache; jacket: target; headband: f21
this is admittedly not the most exciting outfit ever.
david snapped it as i was headed off to the grocery store...and folks, i just don't wear heels and dresses to the grocery stores. blarf, i'm such an awful fashion blogger.

today was a little rough in le francais region. i spent a frustratingly extensive amount of time translating a story, only to get totally lost in class and only be able to mumble a "je ne sais pas" when i was called on. so embarrassing. luckily, the minute i started getting teary-eyed about it when i got home, david launched into a story about a mission companion publicly embarrassing himself with poor spanish that had me giggling in no time. david also has a beard now that he's graduated from byui, which is unrelated to the above story but is soo cute. je l'aime. SEE? i speak some french!

THEN guess what?! this was in the mail!!!
(excuse the windex on my kitchen table, we were drinking it with dinner)
have you ever seen anything cuter? i freaked out. THANK YOU, L!!
lacie also linked to this tutorial for cheetah nails...um, yes please!
so i painted my nails and watched a documentary on mark twain (cough make it or break it) on hulu.
so basically: lacie is awesome, and my stressed-out day turned great.
and...we got to have chicken burgers with our next-door neighbor friends and watch their little boy chase a laser pointer around the living room floor. basically the most hilarious thing ever.

ok happy monday everyone.
p.s. is it loser-y that all my titles have been movie quotes lately? because i'm really enjoying it, and i'm loving how awesome the people that read my blog are for knowing them.


  1. one of the best movies ever. HOT ROD. i'm kinda new to your blog so this is probably my first comment. anyway, love your blog!

  2. dangit i wanted to guess it first! lookin HOT!

  3. You finally stumped me. I knew Nacho Libre, Better Off Dead, and all the others, but not Hot Rod. Can we still be friends? And by friends I mean, can I still stalk your blog?

    North Meets South

  4. I have that same jacket in dark brown. One of my favorite jackets ever. I love the tan color. It looks great on you!


  5. I watch that show too :) I love your cheetah nails!!! so cute!

  6. I'm personally a huge fan of the movie quotes. The hubs and I do it all the time :)

  7. OMG those pillowcases are SO YOU. i dieeeee! and aren't the cheetah nails SO EASY?! i'm obsessed. i like movie quotes.

  8. I'm sorry you had a bad day but it sounds like it turned out well. You're nails look so cute!

    ps. love the movie quote titles!

  9. getting happy things in the mail after a stressful day is the very best.

  10. p.s.

    I found your blog randomly.... and i was looking at your twitter feed down thurr, and I am pretty sure we had to do a negotiation project together for our online class last semester....
    byu i is a small world.

  11. how awesome is it that my husband & i watched "hot rod" the day you posted this?

    i found your blog through kate. and i love it. you're adorable! even going to the grocery store.

  12. Aw sounds like you have yourself a very sweet hubby! I love the jacket.

  13. that just shatters my entire universe


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