after hours

so...every day i show you what i wear to work at my little clothing boutique.
that's when i'm most dressed up. since i'm my own boss, i really could wear pajamas or baggy jeans and a sweatshirt to work every day. but, since i take an enormous amount of pride in what panache has become, i try to look nice every day in the hopes that it makes my business look nice, too.
well, i wore a dress and a belt and boots today, but in all the pictures i looked dumb and lumpy.
and i was tired and crampy and busy all day.
so instead, you get to see what i'm wearing tonight:
hole-y sweatpants, moccasins, and a sweatshirt from high school, studying for a french exam, and enjoying an artichoke and wheat french bread for late dinner. pretty much the minute i walk through my front door at 6:02 i'm changing into sweats. it's lucky david married me for my quick wit and superior intellect rather than my 24/7 good looks, right?


  1. I thought this was a fashion blog? Bring the fashion pics back!

  2. Baby you look nice! Dont worry about what Mr. Anonymous has to say.

  3. I think you look comfortable and cozy. And that's just the ticket after a rough and tough day. Good luck on your french exam!

  4. I do the same thing as soon as I get home from work! Off comes the day clothes and on goes the comfy pjs!

  5. Oh my gosh! You seriously look so adorable!!! Why must you look so cute in sweats AND regular clothes?! *pouts* ;)

  6. WTF? Who's Anonymous? You should get Disqus and find out who that sucker is.

    I do the same thing when I come home from work. My clothes come off and the sweats come on! Sexy!

  7. Ditto what Danielle said: you look TOO CUTE in both "real" clothes and comfy ones! Mr. Anonymous needs to find himself a life. :-)

  8. I was just thinking before i even looked at your comments how pretty you look even in sweats and a sweatshirt! LOVE IT!!! you are quite beautiful i must say


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