and THAT...is how it's done!

 oxfords: ebay; crop pants/top: target; scarf: panache
this picture makes me laugh.
i usually don't like serious-faced pictures of myself. i think they make me look mean, on account of my thin lips. oh well. today is a happy day. the sun is shining and i'm going to a cinco de mayo barbecue tonight.

here's a funny story that i wanted to write down from our motorcycle trip last weekend:
the guys at the harley davidson dealership thought it was so funny that people as young as us were renting a bike. they kept saying that david looked like he was 17, and they were shocked to find out that i was (almost) 22 and we were married. then, when they pulled our bike out, i commented that the passenger seat looked super comfortable. the guy said, "yeah, like a high chair...because you're just a baby!" and then cracked up.
oh well, we like old man motorcycles and we're not ashamed!

p.s....do you want to win my scarf? 'cause i'm giving away a twinsie one on the store blog. good luck!

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  1. that scarf just made my heart skip a beat.

    i love it.


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