au revoir

boots: vintage; jeans/tee: target; necklace: wet seal (?)
 as you know (because i told you yesterday), i ripped one of my favorite pairs of jeans.
in the butt.
because i'm a dancing machine.
once i started looking at pictures from yesterday afternoon, though, i wasn't very surprised. the overall tone of the day was a silly one.
at least my jeans passed away doing something they loved: adorning my bum while i acted like an idiot.
i only assume that they love it because that's what they spent so much of their life doing.
well, RIP $15 target jeans.

p.s. david's on a plane headed to salt lake right now and i'm peeing my pants in excitement....so there goes another pair of jeans....jk, not literally peeing.


  1. I love your ps. funny stuff. Sorry about your jeans. I hate it when my favorite jeans are done for. normally i turn them into shorts. but that never lasts long.

  2. Love the haircut! And I love this outfit! That color looks great on you!

  3. I love me some target jeans too...and I have totally had them rip on me in not so socially appropriate places.

    my first giveaway

  4. cute


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