oxfords: ebay; jeans/top: panache; cardi: h&m
yesterday i saw a picture of kristine wearing rust and mint green together and i loved it so much i had to do it today. i just wish i had rust-colored pants like she does!
for reals, i have cleaned 75 tanning beds today. that's not an exact figure...but it's probably close. maybe tomorrow i'll keep track. it's rainy outside, but people know it's supposed to be warm, which causes an 85% increase in tanning business (another made-up figure).
LUCKILY, i have a bff named shpitty (who just got a hilarious tumblr). she brought me a love potion, which tastes like a chocolate-covered strawberry, and showed me pictures of dogs that look like humans. made me real cheerful inside.

today, i found out i got selected to be an editor in chief for a magazine for a class project, which is mostly exciting because i get to choose what my magazine is about. if you guessed that it's going to be titled KITTENS then you, winner, are exactly correct. other ideas for names include CATTACK and MRROW. all in caps, because i never use caps so it stands out A LOT, which is IMPORTANT.


  1. Awesome color combo. And cleaning out tanning beds seriously sounds like the grossest thing ever. Kudos to you for doing it.

  2. haha I love your made up figures. And I'm extremely partial to the CATTAK. Fa real

  3. This entire post is hysterical... I still don't get what all of it means, but I liked it anyway.

    I'm loving the rust and mint green color combo, too... too bad I don't have anything rust colored, or else I'd test it out myself.

  4. Love the color combo!! Never wouldve thought of it!

  5. i have lived in Rexburg for months with my husband. & I just barely heard about panache, and made my first purchase this afternoon!

    I am a definite fan. i love it.
    so cheap. so awesome!!

    and yes. i may have done some blog stalking :)

  6. Teehee, this looks great on you!! I like the color of your mint cardigan better, it's more... fresh. KITTENS!

  7. Ahhhnd I'm in love with this outfit too....so cute and girly :) I want some oxfords too! Plus the color combination really is fabulous ;)


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