cell phone vomit

 cowboy boots: mom's; jeans: panache; top: f21; cardi: target
me in all my squinty glory!
check out that sky behind me, though...gorgeous!
also, check out that top worn as a skirt here...tricky!

every week, lacie does a 'what's on my phone?' thing and i decided today to follow suit...even though it's not the right day to link up in the original blog or whatever. so here's what my cell phone vomitted:
1. michelle made this the desktop background for the store's computer and it's practically the funniest thing i've ever seen in my life. its her...wait for it...as a cat. hilarious.
2. i put my fleece sweatshirt on and david said i looked like my mom in it, so i made him take a picture so i could see/send it to her.
3. CAT PILLOWS FROM L! i love them soo much.
4. the day the heavens opened up and the angels sang. obviously not because someone was sick, but because zumba was canceled!! zumba is in the ballroom next to my apartment and it is SO LOUD. they BLAST their music, the ladies shriek and random times, and it's so awkward when i need to walk through to leave my building. so i was thrilled when it was canceled...also, they spelled the word canceled wrong. further reason to dislike zumba.
5. on sunday i left for church in slippers...and had to go back and change when i realized the mistake. this is what happens when david isn't here. i start losing my mind.
6. my little sunday school classroom after a lesson one week! i really, really love teaching the 4 year olds.
7. my little brosef told me about this amazing chocolate fudge kettle corn and then gave me very specific directions to find it in wal mart...so i texted him this picture and said, "i found it."
8. i got a deep condition and the adorable megan did a fishtail braid for me! and i loved it.
9. my bathroom is being ripped out today.


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  2. Love the braid!:) cute outfit!

  3. I teach the four-year-olds at church too! It is so much fun. :)

  4. Oh hey so you don't know that I follow your blog because I am not a 'follower'... which I now feel bad about and will be all offical and join the crowd. Anywho I love your blog and I visit everyday! Here is a thought I had today, cancelled with two l's is the Canadian way to spell it, so maybe they are Canadian? Hopefully not though, because you don't like them much, and you should love Canadians because we rock. Carrie introduced me to you through her blog (if you were wondering how I stumbled upon your little spot.) Thanks for be awesome and funny most every day! E. Solo

  5. I too love your blog! You have inspired many an outfit :)
    This is just my curiousity speaking, but did you have a tattoo of a pair of sunglasses behind your ear in the 8th picture? I think my eyes might be playing tricks on me...

  6. sollywoods - i hadn't thought of them being canadian! if that is the case, i feel bad for making fun of their bad spelling.

    shelby - it's actually a chinese symbol (aka the epitome of white trash) that is mooostly removed via laser. sunglasses would probably be less trashy than what 18-y/o me chose, haha.

  7. I really love that you got to church in your slippers!

  8. so...I'm loving the cell phone vomit. That's a strange sentence. But it's a great way to get to know a blogger better!


  9. #7 is my new wallpaper. scratch that. #7 is everyones new everything paper.

  10. Okay...it is strange to say that I love your vomit?!?! Yes, I will answer my own question...it is strange and I am sorry but your random photos are really fun!

    Love the moccassian shot and after seeing the state of your bathroom, I hope that your crew gets to work stat...bathrooms are important!

    Love your blog & following now!

    xx Cat brideblu

  11. Glad to know that I wasn't completely insane then :)


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