boots: mom's; jeans/scarf: panache; top: american eagle; bracelet: sea world
i'm wearing my mom's cowboy boots again.
you can expect to see a lot of these guys this summer. they're my faves.

so i applied for graduation the other night (insert hyperventilating here).
what if i fail a class? what if my application gets rejected? what if my cap and gown don't fit?
oh, the woes. 

i'm feeling rebellious today.
like, i have a 1-page story due in french class and i'm only turning in 5/6 of a page. ha!
also i want to smash the tanning beds in with a hammer and be all full of rage, and then politely tell tanners in a british accent, "yes, apologies, but no tanning today."
aand...instead of reading contending forces tonight, i just want to watch make it or break it on hulu.
or eat bagel bites instead of asparagus and potatoes.
(that last one was a lie, i love asparagus and potatoes)

also: i went to a yoga class with kate last night, and there was no music.
i'm no expert on yoga, but i really wished there was music. silence makes holding poses awkward.
but hanging out with kate makes evenings awesome. so, balance.


  1. i've been aw-ing over your last few outfits and it's about time i comment haa-love them all. especially that red dress!

  2. your scarf is great!

  3. I went tanning for the first time in my life the other day. Because we live in a beach town. And if that doesn't make sense, I don't know what does. All that to say, I can't imagine having to clean those things but I'm sure glad someone does. :)

  4. Awesome boots. I'm in favor of "borrowing" from my mother, sisters, friends... because seriously, they have good stuff. And I'm poor.

  5. Tanning is of El Diablo. Too bad they also make you money. Hmm, that would mean you are making money from the devil! But if you pay tithing on it, you are giving the devil's money to the Lord. Oh dear, the religious implications are frightening.

    North Meets South

  6. i like the scarf, it's so whimsical looking :)


  7. yes that was awkward. but so fun to play with you!

  8. "what if my cap and gown don't fit?" hahahahahahahhahahahahahaa shut uppppp so funny.

  9. ill be your personal bed cleaner!!! i probably owe you that anyway.... also i want that scarf so bad and you look so pretty today!!!

  10. Um you watch Make It Or Break It?! I think I love you even more! I'm actually in Hong Kong right now, so I have missed the last 2 episodes and will be missing this coming weeks also, but it's all online! BUT I want to watch and see what has been happening! My boyfriend LOVES the show but denies it because it's girly :P Haha....ps I like your boots :)

  11. no music, what the hay? was she going for the zen-from-within thing? if it makes you feel better (or worse), i had THE. MOST. amazing yoga class a few days ago... like shout from the rooftops and hug random strangers it was so awesome... and i'm pretty sure it's because she played billie holiday during most of the practice. much better than nature sounds and most certainly better than no music at all! bummer.

    and i love the cowboy boots! those are NOT a bummer.

  12. Love your cowboy boots.. I just got some and they are amazing!

  13. I love your entire outfit, but I'm realllyyyyyyyyy drawn to the scarf. Love those colors!


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