boots: target; jeans: BKE @ buckle; top: leftover from horse show days; cardi: kohl's; headband: made from a shirt waist tie; bag: UO clearance
it's my day off...hence my ragamuffin appearance.
i looove my mondays. i will say that over and over again on every monday so long as i own panache.
i adore running my little clothing store, but man does it feel good to have a day off to run errands, have lunch with girlfriends, and bake delicious things (like a modified, dairy-free version of this recipe..yum).

ready for v. 2 of cell phone vomit? i enjoyed doing it last week and thought i'd do it again!
1. while my bathroom was out, i had the lovely opportunity to wash my hair in my kitchen sink...while watching parks and recreation...
2. the lovely view of my lovely nap one sunny afternoon. i'm so excited to have windows open again!
3. TA business = my favorite business
4. our local grocery store has gotten so many good, dairy/gluten-free products! we're fans.
5. doing homework at the laundromat...which was supposed to have free wi-fi, but didn't. grr. homework time down the drain.
6. cute husbands very focused doing a flight simulator.

anyways, i'm off to read the virginian...has anyone out there read it? thoughts?


  1. Is Dave eating gluten free these days? Did I convince him to try it?! I swear there's a conspiracy going on w/ gluten! :)

  2. you do NOT like udi's bread!!! i can't breathe. noooooooooooo i hate that "bread" more than anything in life.

    i would kill to be back in college taking a sunny afternoon nap. KILL!!!

    do you feel as bad for jerry on parks and rec as i do?? poooooor jerry.

  3. ooOOoo! What a darling outfit! Super mega gorg!

  4. I can't believe you used the word "ragamuffin". I use that word so much! I wonder where you picked it up from. Lol. I just adore you and am awe that you are my daughter. I'm so proud of you and love you so much, Princess!

  5. Your "ragamuffin" look is so smokin'. Wish I looked that good on my day off.

    Ask the Duplex

  6. Another fan of the word "Ragamuffin" here! And you're look is too cute!


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