boots: vintage; tights: target; skirt: handmade; belt: panache; top: mila; vest: buckle
this is yesterday's post....
blogger kept my pictures in the draft, but not my text, so i don't really remember what i wanted to tell you.
as you can tell, i tried my hand at color blocking...not quite sure how well it went! OH, i remember that i thought that first picture was funny because i looked all tough like, "yeah, i'm in a skirt, but i could smack you around!" which is funny because i'm so not like that in real life. the second picture is more like me. like, "hey, wanna be friends maybe?" ALSO, one of our adorable hair stylists, megan, did a deep condition on my hair and i couldn't stop running my hands through it. i also said that david was sitting next to me, hypnotically running his hands through my hair, too. but that was a joke...he was upstairs working and not being creepy.

ok this is making no sense. i swear this post was the funniest thing ever when i wrote it yesterday.


  1. hahaha. this still made me laugh! you are so cute brandilyn!

  2. I love the colors you chose for this outfit. So vibrant! And that green wall behind you doesn't hurt.


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