the hills send back the cry, you gotta do or die

 boots: mom's; pants: panache; top: styles; shades: gas station somewhere in NV
i wore this to come home to david yesterday.
i really wanted to look super cute for him, but after the 4 hour car ride from salt lake to rexburg i was in a ponytail headband with all my makeup rubbed off. soo not sexy. oh well, at least he can see these pictures and know i tried a little bit, right?

well, my whirlwind trip to california has come and gone.
i drove with my mom from idaho, through nevada, to california, spent about 20 hours at my wonderful, glorious home, flew from california to utah, and drove back to rexburg with michelle. all in two days. yowza. so worth it though, because i got to spend time with both my parents, eat an in n out burger, cuddle with my kitty, tease my adorable little niece, and eat a delicious steak dinner that my daddy made.
funny story: i wanted a picture next to the 'welcome to california' sign but we kept driving past it. finally we saw this sign so we stopped...but it wasn't really a photo-op stopping spot on the freeway. so my mom and i sprinted up the road, snapped a quick/dorky picture, and sprinted back. luckily we didn't get arrested.
also, isn't marley (upper left) precious?!


  1. Love your blog! Love this outfit!!!

  2. i love this top! so glad you got to see your baby (cat)

  3. cool shirt
    cute cat :)
    yummy food
    I'm hungry

  4. your outfit is so adorable -- jealous of your boots!


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