i like your cow!

  boots: mom's; tights: target; dress: gap; top: panache; bracelet: h&m 
i've had these tights for months and haven't worn them yet.
they are footless tights, which has turned out to be more problematic than i originally anticipated. also these are my momma's cowboy boots and i love them. i wore them all summer last year and i can't wait to do the same this year. we had a most joyous reunion this morning.

in other news, i (like the rest of the blogging planet [i refuse to say blogosphere {/sometimes i say blogosphere but i realize how dumb it sounds}]) am a recent pinterest addict. so fun and convenient. my "homely" board has been rapidly filling up with things that are making me realize just how very excited i am to move into a little house in a couple months...which is driving home the reality that we will maybe have a home in a few months. i'm excited beyond words to own and not rent, to have multiple rooms instead of 1, to live on quiet acreage instead of in between LOUD ballrooms...
all sources can be found on this board
i have so many mixed emotions about all the changes coming in 2011. graduation, moving away from rexburg/panache, becoming homeowners, becoming arizonians...it's quite a bit to digest! i'm excited and terrified and sad and thrilled all at the same time.


  1. I'm lovin those footless tights lady!!! AND yo mama's cowboy boots.

  2. Dude, buying a house is big ish. We are YEARS away from buying a house. Buying a house is so grown up that I'm scared to do it. Just make sure your house has a lush garden and a collection of Russian nesting dolls.

    North Meets South

  3. chicken legs! chicken legs!

    lets not talk about you leaving rexburg. i'm in denial.

  4. I love this outfit, you look great. makes me want to buy some cowgirl boots.

  5. Those aren't just girly dress-up boots. Them right there are REAL working cowgirl boots . . . in case you were wondering. Proud to have my princess wearing them!!

  6. you + those tights = the bomb dot com

  7. i love what you paired with those tights!! and i know what you mean about footless tights - i feel like i always HAVE to wear boots with them.

    i love those cowboy boots too!

  8. The mug display is amazing. it's art. delicious, sip-able, art.



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