mayor of crazytown

 oxfords: ebay; skirt: ny&co; top: target
look how crazytown my hair is!
that's crazytown hair for reals.
honestly, it matches the beginning half of my day...and, really, my week. it hasn't been that great. i've been an overwhelmed, emotional mess and on top of it, some girl felt the need to make me feel like crap in the store today. thank goodness for my mom, who reminds me to "BREATHE" when she answers the phone and i'm crying a little hysterically...and then reminds me that i'm beautiful and brilliant and totally capable of acing my french test. even if those things aren't true, it's so nice to hear it from one of the few people who i know truly sees it in me.

anyways, david and i sat down and had a talk about what we could do to help me out. 
it's my last semester, and he keeps encouraging me to, "sprint to the finish!"
honestly, though, i just haven't felt like it's in me.
we finally devised a plan. time management, full nights of sleep, and giving me breaks from my long days in the store. it kind of sucks admitting that i can't do everything...but it also feels so good to feel like i'm going to stay on top of everything.

also, maybe i found a graduation dress. buuut i wanna know: has anyone out there bought/worn a dress from shabby apple? is it worth the big bucks? i've been coveting this baby for, literally, months and i'm thinking i want it to be my grad gift to me.

p.s. this is my own interpretation of this outfit, which has been floating around pinterest all week.


  1. :( Man, customers can be heartless. People change into monsters when they are shoppers. I am rooting for you and you can totally do it!!! You already have, I mean... you are almost done. So truly, the hard part is over! Pat yourself on the back girl! :)

  2. I'm sorry it's been a rough week. Know that your interpretation of that outfit is BANGIN'!

    North Meets South

  3. !!!! This right here is one of my favorites. I LOVE your outfit. & your crazytown hair too!

  4. Who cares if that dress is "worth it" financially... If you like it, it most definitely IS worth it. This is your graduation... buy that bad boy without any worry!!

  5. Good luck on the rest of the semester! You should definitely reward yourself with the dress, you've earned it!
    Love the outfit you recreated!


  6. Hello there! Just giving my two cents on the Shabby Apple dress question. I bought one from them a while back to wear to my sister in-law's wedding (good excuse to buy an expensive dress, right?). I got the Martha's Vineyard dress, which ended up being very nice for the wedding. However, I will say that I was very surprised at how thin the fabric was, particularly for a dress that was so expensive. I definitely paid for the style of the dress (which is cute and classy) and the brand name, not the quality of the material. However I kept the dress, made some alterations (the fit wasn't quite right and wrap dresses take a little work make sure you stay modest), and have worn it over and over. It isn't perfect, but the purchase was worth it for me.

    My suggestion is to go for it and get the dress! The worst thing that can happen is that you end up returning it and are out the cost of shipping. The best thing is that you end up loving it and wearing it over and over again. Plus I think it's a good sign that you still keep thinking about it months after first seeing it.

    Thank you for your lovely blog! I wish I was close enough to Rexburg to come see your cute little shop and meet you. Your bright, sunny personality comes through nicely on your blog. :)


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