not only did we embarrass marky mark, we let down the funky bunch

boots: vintage; tights: kohl's; dress: ny&co; cardi/watch: target; bracelet: panache; bag: thrifted/swapped
i wanted to shoe off my hair-do...i used this tutorial and i felt pretty proud of myself. 
i usually go really straight or frizzy and crazy. today's chignon felt fancy.
so...happy mother's day!
to all my friends and readers who are mothers to adorable little ones, to expectant mothers who are counting down the days, and to those hopeful women who really, really want to be mothers and aren't just yet. 
i hope you all feel special and loved today.
my mom has taught me to eat healthy, to be ok with being flat-chested, to forgive, and to laugh at myself. and i think those are important things. there really is no one like a mother.


  1. Hey, I recognize that hair-do! Haha! It looks beautiful on you! Seriously, so good.

    And you've completely lost me on these movie quotes. Please forgive me.

    North Meets South

  2. You look smokin' hot in red. For real.

    Ask the Duplex

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  4. LOVE this outfit. and your hair looks beautiful! I definitely need to check out that tutorial. My hair is so thin it does not do anything...



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