oxfords: ebay; skirt: DIY; sweater: shade via panache
i wore this to church on sunday...not today. ah well.
that was the day i walked out of my house in my slippers and didn't even realize it. these are the shoes i changed into...much better.
last night, i had a startling realization.
i was sitting in my bed with a loaf of garlic bread (not a slice, you guys...a loaf), a jarritos, and a cupcake with parks and rec playing on my laptop. i took a mental inventory of my current state and thought, "oh my gosh...this is what my life would be like without david." and it was not pretty. luckily he's coming home soon and my life will be filled with love and joy again. not that garlic bread doesn't bring joy, but. you know. not the same.

also...shpitty and michelleg were in the store just now and i went to demonstrate a sweet dance move....and ripped out the butt of my oldest, softest jeans. and just this morning i put them on and was all smug with myself, like "dang, i can't believe i still fit in jeans from high school!" um yeah, turns out i can't.


  1. Haha! I love this post! I would do the same exact thing if not for my hubby, or sometimes I do it anyway... I am partial to having my cake in bed! YUM!
    p.s. Parks and Rec is amazing! I'm definitely married to a young Ron Swanson... Hahahaha!

    Happy Tuesday! <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. hahahah! CLASSIC! ripping a hole in the bum of your jeanssssssssss

  3. you are too cute! that skirt is adorable and i love your stories :)

  4. this post was too funny.
    and honestly that sounds like one good combination... when landon is away i will definitely give it a try

  5. leslie knope is by far the best person ever! oh and ron swanson! i love that show.

  6. Devin was gone for two and a half months on his internship...life was a little something like that haha

  7. great post - I slipped on a french fry once in the cafeteria in high school and completely ripped my snug skirt up the backside, Oh the memories we make :)

  8. So Brandilyn, um, I read all your posts. Cause we should be friends.

  9. You look beautiful in this color blue. You should wear it everyday.

    Ask the Duplex


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