the word of the day is sporadic.

 boots: vintage; jeans/top: panache; cardi: target; feather earrings: farmer's market
so my mom gets into town TOMORROW night...and honestly, i'm too excited to blog about anything else!
those that know me in real life (and probably those of you that have been reading for a while) know that i love my momma a whole lot. and i'm a daddy's girl. basically i think my parents are the coolest.

so my mom's coming into town to take care of her babies and i get to drive back to california with her on sunday! i'm only going to be home for the night--just long enough to cuddle with my adorably chubby kitty marley--and then i fly back monday. i'm so, so, so excited to get to see both of my parents this weekend and be in livermore for a short while.

(side note: david just asked what i was doing and i told him i was writing an essay about his hottness but was having trouble finding the words to properly express how very good-looking he is...and he said in a smug voice, "well yeah, that must be difficult." ha! maybe i need to cut back on the flattery...homeboy's getting a big head! jk, he really is handsome enough to be conceited about it.)

so aaanyways, posting may be sporadic* while i spend time with my mom and travel to california and then to utah and then back to rexburg. but i'll do what i can! have an am-am-amzing memorial day weekend!

*"i'll see you around."
"yeah..i hope not sporadically!"


  1. I just added clueless to my queue on netflix

  2. Hahaha I worry my boy might also be getting a mini ego by telling him he looks cute so much.. but I can't really help it! Have a great time with your family :) You deserve it after such a rough week!!

  3. I love the cardigan! I kind of wish it weren't so hot here so I could still wear mine. Have fun with your family! A little rest and relaxation are always wonderful, especially spending it with loved ones :)

  4. Seriously, we should so be friends in real life. Except for you live really far away. Love the boots. And your style in general. And yay that you have a fantabulous weekend coming up! Exciting!

  5. You had me at "Sporadic" (the first one). I love Clueless and I love your blog!!

  6. i'm such a fan of that clueless reference it's not even funny. and congrats on spending the weekend with your parents. your going to be in my neck of the woods on sunday. sorry it's windy here. it's kind of ridiculous.

  7. hahaha, the clueless nod at the end kinda made my day!


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