boots: momma's; skirt: f21; tee: target; necklace: gift
 i used a good ol' cell phone for these pictures.
could you tell? yes? oh. well, yeah.
i lent my camera out for the weekend to a friend who is using it for far more important things than outfit pictures. the important thing to remember today, though, is that my hair is finally long enough to curl it with a wide-barrel curling iron. this is irrelevant to the camera issue, but exciting nonetheless.

also, david tried to take my picture inside today and he got this look:
this is the look i give him when i'm pretending to me mad.
i just didn't want pictures next to our lovely mural in the store. i wanted pictures outside.
so the sun could shimmer on my wide-barrel curled hair.
this look is usually accompanied by a, "hey you. buster. i'll wrestle you if you don't knock it off."
here's the secret, though: i don't mind wrestling around with him, 'cause he smells so good.
don't tell him. he won't take me seriously if he knows.
and, as you can see above, i'm a very, very serious person.


  1. okay your hair looks AMAZING! i really love the color. I really like your outfit too. you're so cute brandilyn!

  2. ok for real you look absolutely GORGEOUSSSSSSS!!! thats such a pretty color on you and your outfits just amazing. lovezees. for realzees. hugzees.

  3. amazing what some curls will do! extra gorgeous. :)

  4. Ahaha, that last photo is funny/cute!

    I like your outfit, and your statement necklace is so sweet!

  5. i love your hair in this last pic haha and of course the face! but really...o geez the hair. if i could get my bangs to look like that....i'd be so stinkin happy

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