you look like a giant eagle with fire all around you, and you've got a mountain for a face.

shoes: modcloth; skirt: shade via panache; tee shirt:?; cardi: thrifted; necklace: panache
a funny thing happened:
one of my best friends, stacy, took her little boy's pictures the other day.
she posted one on facebook and pointed out that...
 he probably has a future in fashion blogging. LOL! so i had to pose like he did in a picture today...even though, let's be real here, i pose like that every day.
this little guy is one of my favorite people ever. him and stacy come to visit me almost every day in the store and it makes me so happy. he finally says my name...except "brandilyn" is kind of hard to say, and it comes out as "min-a-min." i love it.

p.s. it is wiiiii-ndy today! don't believe me?
i bought bread sticks from little ceasar's on my way home today, and as i pulled the first hot, greasy, delicious one out of the bag...a big, dusty gust of wind blew crap all in my face. grr.
don't worry, the ones in the bag were still okay. phew.


  1. Not the bread sticks! Thank goodness the ones in the bag were safe!

    Loving the grey/seafoam tones in this outfit. Especially the shoes!

    North Meets South

  2. haha what fun pictures! my husband and I love little ceasars. we go there once a week to get breadsticks and pizza.

  3. That gave me a big smile@

  4. BA HA HA HA! Baby fashion bloggers!

  5. I ate their breadsticks last night :) they were delish!


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