you'll see a lot of khaki down there and this merlot looks good with the grey.

boots/dress: vintage; tights/cardi: target; necklace: truly sarah; belt: shade via panache
i wanted to feel like a girl today.

i spent the weekend on the back of a motorcycle in dirty jeans and tangled hair...so i went for pink & purple today. couldn't quite get rid of the tangled hair, though. stupid wind.
i was a little sad to be back to my boring old life in rexburg, but today was filled with too many wonderful things to be upset about it. i went to english class, ate a lot of fruit (i love fruit), worked in my little store, and i get to spend my evening with david writing a paper. not too shabby!
i made a video of our little trip...you'll have to excuse the shakiness. i guess i don't have a very steady hand. also, excuse the lovey-dovey-ness. we get pretty cheesy sometimes, you know.

and now i have a jewelry order and a paper on huckleberry finn calling my name...


  1. i know this has nothing to do with me but you're wearing pink! and i'm having a think pink week on my blog this week. i heart coincidences. (PS: i'm not trying to advertise for myself, just express my thoughts when i read this) oh and you look awesome, i can understand the need to feel girly.

  2. that dress is gorgeous! love the colors on you girl.

  3. Probably one of my favorite outfits of yours. This color combo is amazing! And that dress is just lovely!


  4. I am always afraid to put too many girly colors together. But you have proven that pink and purple can look great together. i love it.

    Ask the Duplex

  5. Color! Love this outfit so bright and fun :-)


  6. I liked the video, that looks like SO much fun! oh, and i didn't think it was very cheesy at all :)


  7. Now you know why the biker guys wear braids :)

  8. omg this video is adorable...and the shaky hand made it even cuter :) what's the song you chose?

  9. oops--i forgot to give credit for the song! it's 'all i need' by ryan shupe and the rubberband. david and i LOVE that song!

  10. Great video Bran, do them always and save them, they'll be great to reflect back on I'm sure. Glad you guys had such a great time, others enjoyed the company too! Love you lots! the dad

  11. my heart literally felt heavy when i saw the painted colors of the desert, i miss it so much! im so excited for yall to become arizonians!!

  12. All I want is a motorcycle and an endless summer.


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