baby store

sperry topsiders; jeans: buckle; belt: american eagle; tee: kohl's; bracelet: panache
this is very reminiscent of the outfits i wore in high school.
brand-name jeans, graphic tee, sideways belt. check check check. in other words, not that exciting.
although i guess i wasn't dressed in abercrombie & fitch from head to toe, so points for that, right?!
big difference, though...NOW i'm dating the hot guy instead of the zitty 16-year old who dumps me because i cut my hair too short!! totally winning in life.
and most of the cool kids from my high school are still living with their parents and going to the 2-year community college...5 years after graduation...so it's probably good that i didn't hang out with them anyways, right?

that was a digression from what this post was supposed to be about...
except now i don't remember what that was.
here's a photo of our firstborn instead of a paragraph about something silly i did:
isn't she cute??
i guess if i was a real mommy blogger and the store was a real child i'd have to post a video of the store looking blankly at me while i talk in a high-pitched baby voice behind the camera.
i'm not saying videos of  the store like that don't exist, i'm just saying you're not seeing them.

anyways, it's getting late, i still have an online group meeting, my allergies are acting up, and i have a pesky chest pain that's been hanging around for two years too long.
all that to say...i'm peace-ing out.
(did i sound gangster just now? i'm so un-gangster it's not even funny)

p.s. every day--every day--i find pictures like this one when i upload the contents of my camera:
what can i say?
my photographer likes what he sees ;)


  1. hahaha!!! brandilyn what a nice butt you have

  2. Ouch. I'm going to the 2-year community college 5 years after graduation because I can't afford anything else =(

    I wore some pretty simple outfits in high school, too! Still do, but now I put some effort into it.

  3. Hah! I find pictures of my butt too! It's hilarious.

    I think I may start randomly emailing them back to my husband thru the week :)

    Lazy Saturdays

  4. Hahaha I feel the same way about High School stuff. I may still hang out in Livermore, but its only the barn. Unlike so many people I knew in Highschool I at least have a job and live out on my own and overall don't suck.

    Keep it up Brandi.

  5. Ha! I loved that last bit about your photographer ;)

  6. sara, i meant they've been going to the 2 year for 5 years without graduating...i think there's a difference there :) there's NOTHING wrong with going to a 2 year college!!

  7. hahah you and your husband are so funny :) loved the random high school rant. and i'm glad you're not living with your parents on your 5th year of community college. You probably wouldn't have this blog. And you probably wouldn't wash your hair ever. So that's better on both accounts.

  8. Oh goodness, me and my reading. That is definitely a big difference!

  9. Well...I would prefer butt. I find photos of my waist to neck area. No face. I mean seriously?!?!?! LOL
    Great post today!!!!

  10. you kno wthis song is one of my favourite by Cure? I really like this t-shirt and I have the same feeling about some of my classmates back in high school!especially the bullying ones ;)

  11. i'm a little bit obsessed with the title of your blog. it is soooo good! ha ha.

    you and your husband are cute. i think finding butt shots on my camera is the funniest thing ever. boys are funny.



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