oxfords: wholesale-dress.com; jeans: panache; top: kirra; cardigan: sarah swapped

DUDE. i got to hang out with two of my oldest friends today...well, the three that live in rexburg.

i went WEDDING DRESS shopping with meeshelle (it's on facebook so i'm allowed to say it here, right?), which was so fun. i love that whenever we come away from a situation and i whisper something funny that i noticed, she always says, "i was JUST thinking that!" best friends are great like that.
AND shpitty came and hung out with me in the store today. and we shared a monster reese's and cleaned tanning beds and quoted arrested development together. (pop-pop gets a grisham?)

TONIGHT...i got to go on a date with my favorite bestie, although david probably wouldn't like being referred to as a "bestie." we do really exciting things on our date nights, like picking up and assembling a shoe rack. and getting dinner at our town's hippest, most indie-hipster burger joint...but eating at home. marriage is pretty sweet like that.


  1. YOUR SHOES!! i just died. they are sooooo cute! so glad you had a fun day :)

  2. Your shoes are so adorable!

  3. i absolutely love the blouse & belted cardi! looks so cute and put together.

  4. hmmmm.... im gonna steal your shoes watch out...

  5. haha reading about simple things like putting together a shoe rack make me so happy now that I relate to it. On thursday night Clint and I sat on the floor in the middle of target just before closing for like a half an hour trying to decide what knives to buy. They should make a book on what's good and what's not.

  6. Those shoes are to die for! You should order some so we can all buy them from Panache!


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