birthday girl!

for my birthday, i thought i'd give you an update on the
21 things i wanted to do while 21!
(inspired by carrie and originally posted here)
same chair, same wall, same shirt, one year apart!

i totally scheduled this post so i could spend the day eating massive amounts of cake and partying it up.
just kidding...i'll actually be in classes, taking a french test, and traveling by car and plane.

1. eliminate soda from my life. forever. 
i read this while sipping a diet coke and nearly choked on it. woops.
2. remind david every day how much i love him 
done x a million. it's borderline obnoxious how much i moon over that husband of mine.
3. meet our goal for “the best day ever” in the store  
yep! i♥panache!
4. keep my fresh air plant alive despite david's belief that i'm a plant killer  
 5. wear my retainers until my teeth fit in them again  
eesh..i friggin' hate those things
6. travel somewhere by train  
not yet...i honestly don't know any trains nearby that i could take...i still want to do that, though
7. read a literary classic for the first time 
done x 6!
my antonia, beloved, to kill a mockingbird, the great gatsby, adventures of huck finn, the virginian
8. cycle the tour de tucson, or do some other 30+ mile bike ride  
still working on that one...but i have 100% confidence in my abilities :)
9. finish getting my tattoos removed 
they're not gone, but i think i'm as close as i'm gonna get :(
i hate those suckers worse than i hate my retainers
10. cook an entire week of vegan dinners 
i think i did this..
11. sew myself a dress  
i did 2 skirts..does that count?
oh wait, i'm the birthday girl! and i say YES.
12. get a 4.0 GPA in one of my final 3 semesters at BYU-I 
came close, but not quite
13. grow my hair past my shoulders  
done! YES!!
14. run a mile in under 10 minutes (don't laugh, i'm serious) 
15. get professional pictures taken of david and i  
THANK YOU KATE! pictures posted here.
16. make new friends, but keep the old  
yessir...best one ever!
17. save my money for a few months instead of always spending it all on clothes 
i got my camera!...which broke yesterday.
18. go on a camping trip with just david  
we went car camping! it was awesome. and he got camping gear for his birthday, so we'll be camping it up this summer!
19. find a recipe to cook with tofu that doesn't gross me out  
moo shu tofu...OMG YUM
20. visit a new temple  
honestly can't remember...
21. finish crocheting my yellow blanket  
still in progress
14/21..not bad, right?
i don't know if i'm going to do a 22 while 22. a lot of my goals for the year are kind of personal and this year is going to bring so much change, it's intimidating to consider the things i'd like to accomplish. it's going to be a great year, though! i just know it.


  1. Happy happy happy birthday! (I too have a goal of running a mile under 10 minutes! and then on to a 1/2 marathon!)

  2. How about us four go camping together??? Yes please!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!! I love reading your blog and following your life in rexburg! Wish I was there so I could buy all the cute clothes you always have! Have a great day and enjoy california for me!

  4. Happy Birfday!!! yes, I said it correctly :)
    I love how you can make your own rules on your birthday, especially when you say I sewed two skirts and then you agree that it counts for a dress because you're the birthday girl... love it :)

  5. that's such a cool idea! i'm definitely going to have to do that. happy birthday girl, live it up :)

  6. Dang girl! You show that life whose boss! And I totally didn't laugh at your mile in under 10 minutes. It should make you feel better that in high school, to make the advanced dance team, you had to run a mile in under ten minutes. There were girls out there crying and screaming...you would have thought they were literally giving brith to a cow.

  7. Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day, and a great year!



    Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

  8. Happy birthday!! I can't wait till next Friday!

  9. happppy day darling! i die over those FB pictures on the daily.
    you're so beautiful!

  10. (forgive me, I've been on vaycay with the fam....)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! this list made me laugh. I make monthly goals to stop drinking pop and I always cave when I eat pizza. Must. Drink. DC. with Pizza!!!


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